• May be people could try putting the cursor over each of the volumes in the "Resources Included" section above, hold it for a second or two "(depending on your processor speed and download speed) and then a new information box will open. Then, click on the "Learn More" dialogue box and a new page will open, with more details for each individual volume. Maybe there will be a "table of contents," or a "see Inside" box but certainly further information will be available. [Being from "down under" we tend to see underneath things better!] Every blessing.
    1. Think you are buying the whole set? Look carefully! The Gospel of Matthew is missing or more specifically "Matthew: Introduction, Translation, and Notes" (Series: Anchor Yale Bible (AYB) - Publication Date: 1995). This has to be purchased separately ! Logos frequently does this with purchases of Bible commentary sets! Then, once purchased, you find that a volume is missing! Unfortunately this is the way commerce functions(read mammon -- two masters stuff -- you get the point) ! I find it puzzling, however, that Logos as a "Christian" organization does this! All the same, we are a people who are commanded to love and forgive!
      1. You have a really good point. It is kind of annoying how they seem to be misleading the buyer into thinking they are purchasing the complete set. Maybe they have a reason for not including it such as legal issues? I am definitely going to be more careful from now on when buying commentary sets from Logos.
      2. Due to rights issues, the commentary on Matthew is not included in this collection and is no longer available for purchase.
      3. Did they add that little half-moon icon that says, "partially included" before, or after this comment?