• Really. When I put this book in my cart I suddenly discovered that I had to pay an additional $15+ for shipping. That tacks on over 30% to the price without even so much as a 'by the way,' you will have to pay shipping. SHAME! Add something to the title that says plus cost of shipping so as I am budgeting when to purchase I at least know that you are going to hold a gun to my head when I put this resource into my cart. This is not how any other product I have purchased from you has been priced and it is just wrong! Not amused! Please fix this really deceptive practice!
    1. $15 shipping - I agree, the only way I could see my way to purchase this would be with free shipping. Are these books that heavy? Flat rate postal possible?
    2. Don't blame FaithLife for your lack of knowledge about shipping costs. It is completely fair shipping cost. I shipped my hard copies of HALOT to a buyer and it cost $18 for simple Ground UPS shipping. And more to the point if you didn't like the shipping charges, you didn't have to buy the books! Many people seem bigger about the greatest Bible software available being a business. I rejoice that they are producing such truly amazing software and are prospering doing it.
  • I should have looked more closely. Thought this was THE ENTIRE Old Testament for Everyone Series, but guess that has not come out yet. Wish it would have been better marked as 'Much of the' Old Testament for Everyone Series or something like that. It still helps on those occasions where the OT portion of morning prayer pertains to the beginning of the OT... Can't wait to see the rest of the OT for Everyone come out...I will definitely buy.