• I was so Blessed to find the Ignatius Bible..I would go in to Veratis in Dublin each week looking for a Bible & every week i'd leave empty handed. It was truly painful. So i decided to look online & found this Bible & i was able to read some passages before buying. I wanted a Bible that i would enjoy reading & learning from, but also a Bible that i could use to help other's who were having problems with certain teaching's of the Church.-SO MY BIBLE WOULD HAVE TO BE EXACT WHEN IT CAME THE MARIAN DOCTRINES. It pains me to see in the NRSV," Hail, O, Highly favoured one"..A lot of Bishop's we see on TV in recent year's have the Ignatius Bible tucked under the arm..I would also suggest the DIDACHE BIBLE, as it uses the very same translation but also includes over 100 pages of APOLOGETICS. Writings from the Church Father's & also the Apostolic Father's, going back to the 1st century & defending Catholic Teaching-(THIS IS SO POWERFUL). included also is the many quotes from the catechism..I find it an amazing Bible for evangelization or as a gift to someone entering the Church and for my own reading up on the saints & their view which is to this day the very same--HOW AWESOME IS THIS..
    1. The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament brings together all of the books of the New Testament and the penetrating study tools developed by renowned Bible teachers Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch.I have this amazing study Bible a few years now as well as the regular Ignatius Bible with leather cover. The complete all in one NT & OT is due for release in 2018 and ought to be amazing. I downloaded the free version of Logo's just to see if it would be too much for me to grasp, but slowly going through the Bible Study vid's, ive grasped this much so i assume i will learn more. I am buying Verbum which i imagine will be about the same as logo's, far as the workings. Pope Francis said Catholics should carry our Bibles like we do our phones-As a result we now have the TOTALLY AMAZING { Ignatius Bible Study App }-Which has every Church document from every council, all the writings of the saints, the CCC, the COMPLETE IGNATIUS STUDY BIBLE AND SO MUCH MORE-PRAYERS, WORD STUDY, INTER-LINEAR BIBLE - http://catholicstudybible.org/
      1. Is this bible a "red letter bible?" Meaning, the words of Jesus are in red.