• I read the sample pages with interest and commend the author for his efforts. I will not add it to my collection however. The reason is that the comments, although good, follow similar lines of many other commentaries about "pentecostalism". They usually emanate from those who have never "had the experience" and are thus missing the core to the matter. I grew up in an Anglican environment, not a Pentecostal environment, but discovered what the Pentecostals experience without any external input from others. I was hungry and researched the scriptures for myself and now, as a non-denominational preacher have proved at first hand that this is a very real and scripturally sound Christian experience. Frederick Bruner's presentation...as per the sample pages is good, but as I said, I will not buy a copy. The reason? I ask him and others like him to cut past the intellectual and denominational approach and pray for truth.
    1. "A guide for the perplexed" is in itself perplexed. It amazes me how intelligent men can make assertions on something that they really know nothing about. Such material usually emanates from a purely intellectual...purely theoretical and seemingly tunnel vision based on denominational bias. The so-called "Pentecostals" are a mixed bunch to be sure, but so too are the orthodox and mainline denominations. Christians like "Attacking" other Christians over doctrinal differences. Why not spend all this time and effort in being truly useful in helping believers and non-believers to come to know God intimately and personally. The bottom line always seems to come down to the talking in tongues and the gifts parts. Be open and be honest.. I was an Anglican who know nothing about such things. I am now a Christian! rating zero
      1. Thank you for the information David. I make extensive use of Number in Scripture & also have Figures of Speech but was not aware of those other 2. I'll look for them
        1. I perused the sample pages on the various gifts with interest and it seems that the comments are more theoretical and perhaps "pre-biassed" against speaking in tongues, which I have done for 45 years and the various gifts of the spirit of which he has blessed me for a similar time. Some comments are good and soundly based, but miss the mark in many ways. A common misconception is that certain gifts were temporal and given for special purposes only in the early church. The mention of near trance like states and babblings mentioned may happen in some cases, but are not the usual. I do agree that excess and abuse has not done the cause any good. Reference to someone visiting Japan and speaking that language and the comparisons to "the tongues of men" and "heavenly languages" are sort of off the mark and may give a wrong impression. Again, I find that comments on such matters seem to be made by those who do not have any real experience in them. The contents look good but I fear may give people the wrong impression. Once I saw this, I did not look at the other titles. I do not want to be disappointed.
          1. Actually, I think the example of going to a foreign country & miraculously speaking their language is exactly on the mark; it fits perfectly with the context in which Paul addresses the PROBLEMS at Corinth. We can infer all we like, and rely on our own experience, but what does that count in the face of scripture which opposes our own (me included) views? You say "misconception" to refer to the authors view on the exposition of gifts for today... is he right, or you? With at least the issue of tongues, I think I'll have to go with his views regarding how the modern tongues movement uses this "gift", and I do so because scripture seems to give me no choice otherwise ("So then tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe but to unbelievers; but prophecy is for a sign, not to unbelievers but to those who believe." 1 Cor 14:22). Tongues for today? Yes; when done by the Spirit, it will always be used in presenting the Gospel to unbelievers as per scripture. YMMV In Christ, Russ
        2. When I first saw the Pre-pub announcement, I thought this would be an interesting addition to my library. After reading the sample pages however, I was very disappointed. It is well presented and logical, but would only suit a serious theological student. It gives me the impression that it is full of the usual intellectual, theoretical, biassed approach of those who are already prejudiced. People hungry for God often come away empty for such reasons. I wonder if this is one reason why many churches are emptying and people walking away.
          1. Thank you. I do not like speaking negatively, but when good people miss out on knowing God or worse yet, going to hell because of religious gobbledook that really avails nothing other than to satisfy certain people's "pride" or whatever it is, it makes me very sad. They say that they are contending for the faith, but in reality are just contending. I wonder of the spirit of the scribe, pharisee and sadducee is still with us.