• This is my go to Bible helper. I read it along side the CSB before I go any where else in my Logos library.
    1. This upgrade only cost $101.34. Logos cut $100.00. I didn’t stop here I went on to Platinum with these great deals. Thank you. Is money my servant or master? You can’t put a price tag on improving a relationship with God. There is a level that Spiritualty and money meet. That is at the Logos Bible Software level. Digital books never wear out. Don’t take up much space. Password protected and stored at a remote location. Never have to worry about fire of water damage. The already low price of books at Logos has the value automatically increased because each word has been indexed. That means I can find what I want through a search engine. No use having a Library full of books if you can’t find what you are looking for. Since I have had my Logos Library I have never had to ask another person about a question I have had about the Bible because the answers have been in my Logos digital library. Even my questions have improved. I am only as smart as my Library. When I divide the cost of Logos with my resources it comes to $1.34 per resource. I have almost 7,000 resources. Logos keeps all your books computer friendly. Hard cover books are the thing of the past. They wear out. Pages come out. Spill coffee on them. Some even mold. Some of these books go for as much as $100.00 on Amazon. That is if you can find them. Logos has them all, the complete series, the latest versions. Still further reason to go with Logos you don’t have to pay the full amount to get your books. They let you pay it off. $5.00 a month is not worth me even thinking about twice! I thank God for Logos.
      1. Complete my Pillar commentary series with this bundle at a great deal. Thanks Logos!
        1. Very inexpensive way to upgrade to Logos 8. Over half off. Great selection of resources. Just about the time you think Logos couldn’t get any better it does. Love Logos 8. Go Logos!
          1. Excellent collection of great books. The Bible Knowledge Commentary and The New Bible Commentary are my go to books. Go Logos!
            1. They say the Factbook is your Library assistant. With this collection is like your assistant on steroids. Go Logos!
              1. The Anchor Yale Bible (88 vols.), International Critical Commentary Series (61 vols.), is like a commentary collection with top notch commentaries. The AYB and the ICC will take me as far into my study as I want. Also use Hermeneia Continental Series (69 vols.). When you buy this package the Dynamic Pricing you get these books for a fraction of what the hard cover cost provided you can find it. Seen some of these books go for as much as a $100.00 each. What makes these commentary of more value with Logos is your Bible is linked to the commentary and every word has been scanned for searching. Go Logos!
                1. This is a great collection of books to use the Timeline with. I didn’t know the Timeline tool was so good until I looked at the video that came with this package. I wanted the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) (1979–1995) (4 vols.) for $129.99 but a Logos expert showed me this collection. It was cheaper with this collection plus more resources also. Go Logos!