• This book looks good. Unfortunately in Logos the look inside is extremely brief and I have to go to Amazon to get a better look, before I decide to buy and of course I may buy paper then-missing out on the benefits I have in Logos. it synced to other features.
    1. I agree Logos is good and to be really useful needs instruction. It is sad though that not everyone can keep digging deep into their pockets to keep up to date. This probably is the case for retired low income people especially those serving the church for free and students paying for tuition (even though Logos does give an academic discount to help which is helpful ) We must continue to make the most of the benefits now at our disposal to equip others to serve Christ and find Him- otherwise we are feeding self. God bless you and use you for Christ
      1. I agree that you do need to seek further instructions on how to utilize this program for your benefit--However, like anything else we do that cost $$$ we pay! Lets be honest we don't need Logos Bible Software for salvation--However, we use Logos Bible Software by choice. One last thing, I'm glad to have met one more person added to the Logos Bible Brotherhood. Keep learning and using this system and know we all have made your same comment but we keep upgrading just like APPLE, SAMSUMG, NETFLIX, YOUTUBE TV etc... Have a great day!