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    1. I wanted to write a review when LA 151 came out but didn’t. Now that LA 171 is out I just feel as though someone should review this product. First of all, Michael Heiser is to be commended on his effort producing this resource. I believe Dr. Heiser is exceptionally qualified to undertake producing this mobile ed. course. It is hard to rate this product without qualifying my rating. If this course was intended for new believers still doing word studies with a Strongs Concordence book then I would have no problem rating this course as a “4 star”. I just feel as though Faithlife has missed an opportunity to produce an exceptional product that would appeal to a much larger market if it had done things a little different. I suppose the main reason I am writing this review is because after watching both LA 151 and LA 171 many times I just don’t understand Michael Heiser’s comment on Dr. John Walton’s article in NIDOTTE. I don’t understand Faithlife allowing it in the first place nor letting it stand in the new version. If anyone would care to check the facts you would see that John Walton was correct in his statement, “There is no basis in the context, however, for identifying any of these as a nuance of עַלְמָה.” Dr. Walton qualifies this statement later in the article saying, “It is evident that the primary meaning of the word has to do with sexual maturity and, by extension, the age of the young woman, not with sexual experience or the lack of it. That the word may be used of a virgin is evident: it is not used, however, to define her virginity, but to define her capacity for marriage.” Faithlife should apologize to Dr. Walton for letting this go on for this many years.
      1. I felt compeled to write a brief review in light of Jason’s post: Jason 3 days ago Fails to see Scripture in its context. I believe what Jason is trying to say is that Dr. Ryken does not address the relationship of the biblical story to the larger context of scripture, except where the story is the entire corpus of the book (Ruth, Jonah, Esther). Dr. Ryken does not address how, let’s say, the story of Joseph or Cain relate to the book of Genesis. I believe Jason should read the book again. The purpose of: How Bible Stories Work: A Guided Study of Biblical Narrative is to take the biblical narrative, the Story as a whole, and exegete that text in a micro (Not a macro) sense. Dr. Ryken states that every plot has a beginning, middle and end. Every biblical story fits into that framework. When you understand what the book is about, Dr. Ryken explains well the process of unpacking the story and understanding that which the author intended us to see. I give Dr. Ryken 5 stars for the same reason Jason should have; We read the text (Story) to cavalierly not taking the time to understand what the author is trying to say and how he develops his story. If you are interested at all in exegesis I would think this book is indispensable.
        1. Thank you Rod for your follow-up to my post. I am glad I happen to come across your rebuttal. You are indeed correct in clarifying what I meant by my short post. I am certainly willing to take another look at the book. I have a personal conviction at seeing books and passages in light of Scripture as a whole and I was disappointed in the fact that this seemed to be missing. I would look at a passage beginning from the macro and then work down to the micro. Thank you for both clarifying and rebutting in a kind and honest way.
      2. Zondervan should be praised for their willingness to produce resources which enable those who are not able to attend bible college or seminaries to learn with confidence the material required to achieve a working knowledge of the languages. Bill Mounce is owed a lot of gratitude from multitudes of those who learned Greek from home. Although when I watch the videos now, I watch them at 1.3 - 1.4 speed, I think these videos are what a lot of us were waiting for. Thank you, Bill Mounce, Miles Van Pelt.