• I have been using Logos since early 2001, and Logos only gets better and better. And Logos 8 has not disappointed with many great features and improvements which would take too long to list. I have worked in the IT industry for 30 years, and Logos is not only great bible software, but one of the finest software I have ever used. It seems the Logos "Home Page" missed the mark, especially with the use of cards for the Dashboard. A real Kanban board is useful when tracking swim lanes in an Agile method, or tracking tasks within a team. The idea of a Kanban board is the ability to easily shuffle cards within columns. However, the Dashboard is just one long wrapping row of cards, and really nothing more that glorified (and over sized) links with very little ability to organize. I much preferred the left column in Logos 7. Also, the "current version" and "resources downloaded" tabs have been removed from the header. Those tabs were handy for seeing what books changed, and to get to release notes (not that release notes are all that well written, but at least give a sense to what changed). All in all though, 5 stars.
    1. Nice resource, but now well indexed into Logos. This resource did not show up in any Passage Guide, Topic Guide, or Factbook search that I tested. The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology works much better.