• Since the course outline description on this page is quite vague, I'm posting a copy of the course Table of Contents so you can see if it will meet your needs. Course Outline Introduction Introducing the Speaker Introducing the Course Unit 1: Chaplaincy Overview 1. Traits of a Chaplain 2. A Chaplain’s Ministry 3. Religious Diversity 4. Ministering to Various Faiths 5. Understanding Your Ministry 6. Ministry Tasks 7. Ministry to the Boss Unit 1 Quiz Unit 2: Skilled Listening 8. Hearing and Listening 9. How to Listen 10. Asking Questions 11. Searching the Library for Open-Ended-Questions and Saving the Results 12. Empathizing 13. Encouraging 14. Using the Sermon Starter Guide to Explore the Theme of Encouragement 15. The Art of Listening 16. The Art of Silence 17. Asking Yourself Questions 18. What to Say 19. What Not to Say 20. Using the Topic Guide and Psalms Explorer to Study Grief and Mourning 21. Confidentiality Unit 2 Quiz MIDTERM EXAM Unit 3: Assessing Real Needs 22. Social Needs 23. Emotional Needs 24. Physical Needs 25. Spiritual Needs 26. Meeting the Needs 27. Providing Spiritual Care 28. Challenges to Spiritual Care 29. Spiritual Discipleship 30. Personal Spiritual Care 31. Using a Topical Bible and Passage Lists Unit 3 Quiz Unit 4: Incarnational Ministry 32. Theological Foundations 33. Flexibility 34. Visibility 35. Availability 36. Relational 37. Looking to Jesus 38. Speaking Truth 39. New Life 40. Summary 41. The Formula for Ministry 42. Getting Feedback 43. Dealing with Death 44. Examining the Topic of Death from a Biblical Perspective 45. Conclusion Unit 4 Quiz FINAL EXAM
    1. Buyer Beware! While the content of the JETS articles are superb, this version (as of June 2016) does not contain the standard tagging of most Logos Journal Sets. This excerpt is from a response from a Logos employee I received when I asked why the references weren't showing up in my Personal Guide: "From the version and filename (LBXLLS) I can tell that this is quite an old resource that won't have been marked up in accordance with our current standards. It won't have label tagging, per-article citations, newer data type references, and possibly not even thorough Bible reference tagging. I don't have any information about when this resource might be updated to our latest standards"
      1. This is the most thorough commentary I've ever seen on a single book of the Bible. It is easily my go-to resource for passages in Acts.