• I've been waiting for these to come out for a long time. Now they are finally here. I have only worked through one section in the Colossians volume by Kris Lyle so I can't act like my review is exhaustive, but I can say, these are great resources. They go clause my clause through the original text and speak to the features and flow of though. The idea of mental representation is helpful to grasp and the author helps you catch what, in this case, Paul is doing in the discourse. I also love that there is a connection to the discourse devices in Runge's Discourse Grammar. Also, the focus is on the text and following the original authors flow of though rather than constraining it to a predetermined outline from a translation. A lot of great things to say about this. This is the theory of discourse grammar plus other things at work on a text and I love it. Thankful for these resources. I would love to see more handbooks produced. I know these took a long time to get out, but I would still plead with Faithlife or someone else to consider continuing this needed series.
    1. Thanks for the feedback Ryan, we are hoping to continue them at some point too.
    2. Great to hear that. It's seriously good stuff. I talked with my wife about how much I am enjoying them for 20 minutes. She didn't enjoy that much. ;)
    3. One housekeeping thought for the devs, I had a few typo's (did this late at night on my phone) in my review. I would like to be able to edit the post to fix those and possibly go back in the future after using the handbooks more and share more thoughts, but there isn't the ability to edit. So, that would be nice. Thanks!
    1. Yeah. I'm expecting to upgrade my base package at some pain. Exegetical summaries should be just as good once I get those.
    2. Just note, I believe they only come in Baptist Gold and above.
    3. Yeah look at that price! My mouth just dropped. So much for getting this.