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  • Logos is the BEST electronic resource for any student or teacher of religion and I HIGHLY recommend it to all my Catholic colleagues, clergy and laity alike. This is a goldmine for priests and deacons who need to research for preaching and preparing classes in RCIA. Wish we had this in the seminary but back then all I had was a Radio Shack TRS-80 then a Commodore 64 (I know, I belong in a museum) It is like having a seminary library at your disposal 24/7. Use your ongoing formation allowance most dioceses budget and get the Catholic collection. The Bibles and Commentaries alone are worth it not to mention the docs of V2 and the Catechism
      Padre - I have had Logos so long that my original "Catholic Edition" (discontinued years ago) came partially on a series of 3x5 floppy discs! I have kept adding to that, but I don't have one of the brand new Catholic Collections. Which one do you recommend for me? Logos has been contacting me and I keep holding off as I'm unsure which one would fit my needs the best (of which you are abundantly aware!) I'm sure that I'm not using it to it's full potential by a long shot. When you come over for some pasta and vino, I'll have you give me some lessons! God bless you my friend! St. Lawrence, pray for us!
    • I HIGHLY recommend the Collegeville Catholic Reference Library: Full Edition, Version 3 + the Catechism of the Catholic Church Collection for starters. Both of these collections give you a plethora of primary resources on Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. The next level, Catholic Foundations Library is $250 but can be done at $26/mo and is worth $3,000 of printed material. For deacons and priests, this would be tax deductible since you would definitely use it in your work as Catholic clergy to prepare homilies and lectures (RCIA, CCD, adult ed., etc.)
      My brother Deacon, I picked up the Scripture Scholar Library on the payment plan and I use it constantly, especially with my homilies. If you can afford that, I highly recommend it.