• Overall I was disappointed with the Logos version of the ESV audio bible. I like the narrator's voice, because unlike some other readers, it isn't distracting or over-the-top. He does a very straightforward reading, in a pleasant voice. The disappointment is the format. On the ESV Bible website, you can listen to the same audio recordings, but they are broken down by verse. If you put in a particular passage, it will read exactly those verse, whether you ask it to start in the middle of a chapter, or end in the middle. It's wonderful. Unfortunately, that isn't the case in the Logos version. There is a table of contents, which lets you choose chapters. There is a 30 second skip back, but not a skip forward. I guess I was just hoping for more options, or integration into the Logos system. It isn't searchable, and it isn't treated like other bible resources, so it doesn't come up as a parallel resource. While I'm disappointed overall, I still think there are some good things about this audio bible that recommend it, but don't expect it to be as user friendly as the ESV website version.
    1. If you have good internet, are you aware that you can open your ESV in Logos to any verse in the Bible and press Ctrl-R (Windows) or Command-R (Mac) to hear that verse from the ESV read for free? The narration continues with the following verses until you stop it. The narrator might even be the same person that you hear from the CD.
  • I'm not sure if this is just an issue with my version of the text in Logos, but there are zero footnotes. I've tried checking and unchecking "show footnotes on page", adjusted all the visual filter options, but they don't show up. I find that odd, as every other bible I have from Logos, including the NRSV include it. I'm not really commenting on the Biblical text, as much as the Logos edition. However, I'll say in response to a commentator below, I find it odd to object to the inclusion of John 7:53-8:11, since most scholars believe that it is a genuine part of scripture, if possibly not from John. Incidentally, Dr. Gordon Hugenberger of Park Street Church in Boston preached a pretty compelling sermon about the legitimacy of that passage and a reasonable explanation of why it might have been removed (people at the time thought it was advocating adultery). [You can listen to it here: http://media.parkstreet.org/audio/2006-06-25-am.mp3] Ultimately, I think it makes sense to leave John 7:53-8:11 in with a clear footnote, which leads me back to my complaint about the RSV having no visible footnotes in my Logos version. Perhaps another reviewer can explain if this is is a problem they are having too, or if it's somehow peculiar to my copy.
    1. It would be nice for Logos to provide this to people, like me, who invested in the complete series. However, they clearly list the volumes included. At the time that I bought the series, about a month ago, 1 Corinthians wasn't released yet, and therefore wasn't included in the volumes that I purchased. I'm guessing that is what happened to the person who doesn't have Revelation, either. We didn't purchase a license to every American Commentary Series book that will ever be released. We bought the series as it was currently constituted on Logos. I'm sure that the overall price of the series will increase with the addition of this book. Perhaps, Logos would be willing to only charge us that difference in prices, rather than the full $20. If not, I don't begrudge the authors and the company the right to make money off the work that they did. I for one am thankful for the work that they have done. 1 Timothy 5:18 "For the Scripture says, 'Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,' and 'The worker deserves his wages.'" As a Christian, I won't quibble over a few dollars, when the benefit to me is the unfolding of the Word.