• The low rating is for the price. Why should I pay $11 more for a digital copy than I can pay for the book brand new with shipping on Amazon? This kind of pricing by Logos makes the whole notion of an economical digital library nonsense. Yes I know the connectivity and searchability adds some value, but not enough to justify a price higher than the paper price.
    1. Fantastic assessment Steve, I've thought the same thing for years; however, there has been a silver lining. I recently attended preaching conference that I made a pricing suggestion to Logos representative and Logos listened and change the price to compete with other retailer.
  • This is a fine commentary, which I just bought in paper for $39 for vol. 1 and $33 for vol. 2, both new. I just don't get Logos pricing. Yes, there's the advantage of having a commentary searchable in the Logos library, but it doesn't outweigh the fact that all you're getting is a digital copy rather than a solid book. This is why I seldom buy addons for my Logos library. The single star is for the price, not the book, which is great.
    1. Through July 5 (2016) you can get both on Logos for $40 total, in case you want to add them to your electronic library. And no, no one paid me to write this. I was just lkg at the comments for this one as I considered buying it myself. So thanks for leaving a comment!