• Oliver, in my library, it is an included dataset. That explains why I cannot add / buy it. But knowing what the literary datatypes are and how to use them would be nice. That is, some sort of instruction. I THINK I checked the help out to no avail. John Fallahee in his LearnLogos 7 says that it will be covered.
    1. I'm sure Jesus considers this a most valuable resource. With Trump potentially our president, the world leading the way in solving world hunger (to no glory for our Lord Jesus) and China a nuclear power, this is a most valuable resource. Oh, Logos/FaithLife, how irrelevant can you be? Bob Pritchett, when creating new content for your user community, would you please create content that looks forwards, not backwards? Make content that helps us apply the Word of God with ease, not difficulty. With content like this, is it any wonder the American church is shrinking and becoming more worldly? Does knowing this make evangelism easier and better? Mr. Pritchett, you've created a position of responsibility in the Body of Christ for yourself. Please consider how you use it.
      1. Steve, Actually, considering the amount of misinformation regarding the Bible, Christianity and history in general today, this resource would seem to be quite useful.  With many people today believing that the material world is all that exists and numerous other myths, being able to understand and address those errors, perhaps even by being able to compare them to the errors of those from the past, would I think make us more effective in ministry.  Also, being able to explain clearly to our congregations the false beliefs of others when we teach from the Scriptures should make us better servants, right?
      2. OldNewbie, Re the last word of you message, I'd say "Mostly wrong, 1% right." A literary/historical analysis of the Word of God obviously does not make better servants. Bible teachers with advanced biblical degrees are a dime a dozen. Most pew-warming Christians do not want to know more about the past. They want to know how to apply some biblical principals to the world's problems today. That is, the Great Commission enterprise has abundant needs that aren't being fulfilled. What Christians need today, IMO, is to know the condition of the world today and how to apply their calling / gifitngs / etc. to those needs to advance the Kingdom of Christ. I could go on but not sure you care to hear more.