• I have the books and they have been very helpful to my ministry. Not as wordy or technical as many of the other bible commentaries. I have used many commentaries and I use to purchase just the individual books that I was teaching or preaching on. The Expositor's and the Macarthur sets are better, but you can't go wrong with this set. I still prefer to turn the pages.
    1. I have the printed edition. It is an excellent tool for study and teaching. A bit wordy and technical but excellent.
      1. You are way overpriced. I have been a logos/libronix user for nearly ten years. As technology makes our lives easier most of the time prices come down. You are doing the opposite. I have started using Wordsearch and other programs a lot more than I use Logo. I recommend to my parishioners and students to use the many free programs to begin with. Every review I have read mention the excessive pricing. You may want to take the customer's opinion more seriously.
        1. LOL! When I went to reply and agree with you Steve, that NO ONE at Logos is listening to a VERY loyal customer base, what came up at the bottom of your post? AN ADVERT FOR LOGOS 7 FULL FEATURE SET wanting me to add it to the cart at OVER $400!!!!!! If NO ONE Upgrades then they will have to listen, time for a campaign on YOU TUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, otherwise they will continue to put their time and resources into clever pricing structures and code that brings up such adverts instead of TAKING TIME TO READ THEIR CUSTOMERS COMMENTS!
      2. My favorite bible software......