• Lots of good information, but be careful of decidedly liberal leanings. For example, in describing the Pentecost in Christian tradition, the options range from Acts 2 being a "relatively accurate account" to a "literary creation" by Luke. Only one source is cited for the former (Bruce), while much support is given for the other positions. Disappointing to say the least.
    1. I love BDAG and searching in Logos is easy and fast, but I wish the formatting could be improved. A solid column of Greek, English, and bold Scripture references jumbled together in one pile under every entry seems archaic, rough, ugly, and unnecessary. Copy an entry into a text editor and break it into a bulleted list by sentence and see how effortlessly and naturally your eye scans the column of information. It is actually a pleasant experience.
      1. Have you tried turning on "Outline formatting"? It's in the 3-dot menu.
      2. That must be an L6 feature. It sounds great!
    2. Will this ever be included in the base packages? The Greek pronunciation comes with every package above starter. I may upgrade my package down the road, and it might be cheaper if it's included.
      1. Wish somebody from Logos could give us an answer to that...would be awesome to have it in one of the base packages.
    3. Electronic please! And most of the topics listed under the training appear to be very basic. I won't pay for this kind of information. I second Jesse's comment. John Fallahee's training will probably provide what you're looking for if you want to go beyond the basics and get more out of the software.