• The expertise of Dr. Evan makes this a valuable resource, as he brings together a wealth of information for each video topic, such as excavation history, biblical references, historical references, and his own personal knowledge. Supporting his teaching are a few guest experts who provide good commentary. Also, there are helpful 3-D digital illustrations; for example, you see the Dead Sea, located 1,300 below sea level, in relationship to the Jordan Rift Valley. While the videos were filmed in Israel, that opportunity was largely wasted. 90% of the time, we're looking at a talking head. Landscape and manuscript shots are shown too briefly and not labeled. Overall, this a good resource that shows us how the discoveries of archaeology helps us understand the life and times of Jesus. Another recommended resource is BAR's DVD entitled, "An Archaeological Search for Jesus"
    1. This bundled resource contains the first edition of Church History, Volume 1, by Everett Ferguson. Please note that Zondervan now sells this in a second edition.
      1. This book is not 352 pages as stated in the product details; rather, it's less than 140.