• This is an excellent resource featuring one of most influential and often overlooked theologians in Christian history leading into the modern age. Sadly however, like a few other great resources, it is not fully integrated into Logos. Sermons and discourses clearly noted by scriptural reference in the resources index do not show up anywhere in the Logos passage guide. I use Logos spicily to bring all information related to an individual scripture passage into a single place. If I must look them up individually then much, if not most of what I purchased Logos for is lost.
    1. This is an excellent resource on the work of Andrew Fuller. However, the scriptural references do not cross-reference on the Passage Guide. Is there any way in LOGOS to cross-reference these type resources in order to see what writers such as Andrew Fuller had to say on a given scriptural reference without having to go to each resource one at a time?
      1. The problem seems to be the quotes do not have the scripture directly with them. There is a symbol giving the reference, click on the symbol and hover the mouse over the reference and you have the scripture displayed. There was an asterisk, a cross then a double cross on one page this worked on for me.