• Really would like this to go though soon. it has been over four years since I first put a bid on this.. I am surprised it is still not at its target. I have many of these books/resources in print, but would be awesome to have in logos with the incredible search and compare features in Logos. Would also like a bundle like such of Islam resources. Not simply Christian perspective of Islam, but actual authoritative resources on Islam by Muhammad and Islamic scholars.
    1. I first placed my bid for this back when Mitt Romney was running for President of the US. :(
  • A good bible study guide. Would love to see this for other books of the Bible. I know there is also Jonah, for Logos at least, but would love to see like Romans. Are there others that maybe Logos just has not picked up yet? If so, and if Romans is avail, then would be awesome to have that for Logos. :)
    1. The Romans study is very good but I did it in paper format. I feel really well versed in the sometimes hard path of the text logic. I have done a lot of their studies.