• "modern evangelical understanding of the Bible"? How about "neo-evangelical understanding" or even "neo-orthodox"? Bruce never impressed me as a man committed to inerrancy of the Scripture.
    1. Should I click amen? like? or praying! ?
      1. It looks like mostly the Spanish speaking churches won't go beyond the 1960 RV. I have found it hard to find leather bound, large type more modern editions, like they tend to be out of print. Could it be that this RV is the first one to be based on the more ancient mss instead of essentially the Textus Receptus?
        1. I don't know much at all about how to use Logos. It is mostly a big pile of books lying in a room without organization. Is this manual sufficient if you don't know how to do any logos since 1.6 (running on Windows 3.11), which BTW had a good paper booklet manual as I recall, manual coming with the product.
          1. I'm torn, as many of you are, about paying a large sum of money for Logos 4, which I had for about a year when Logos 5 came out. Then, what seemed like a very short time viola, Logos 6. I rationalized that I will be retiring soon and will not be able to afford ANY upgrades then, so I bought 6. I like it. I had just bought the pair of manuals for Logos 5, before buying Logos 6. I am glad I upgraded to Logos 6, but a little frustrated that there wasn't some kind of prorating on the 6 manuals. I am bi-vocational (the church is part-time), so I work a full time job AND one other part-time job, so my time for sermon study is very limited. I can't imagine doing this without Logos. I have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and I don't remember getting any manuals with them either, except the links to helps, so, to be fair, Logos isn't the only one who does not supply manuals. It does seem like Proctor does have a monopoly on the training, and it IS good, it is just way too expensive to buy or attend, and again, getting the TIME to go to a camp, or work with the digital versions. So, I am going to learn what I can with the blogs, I won't buy any more manuals, and I can't attend the Camps. I get by with what knowledge I have. Maybe when I retire I'll have time to learn more features of Logos 6. I won't be able to afford Logos 7 when I retire, so this is it for me. Sorry to just add to the whining about the manuals without a good solution. Don't have time. Bye.
          2. the reason they have had several new versions in the last few years, 4 then 5, and 6 is that they have some pretty hefty salaries to fund out of income, which also partly explains the charge for the manual. Not many people pay full price for anything, and some downloads are free. Maybe they should spend less time on software development and just concentrate on new books.
          3. This is not a manual produced by Logos. This is a private company that makes this.
        2. Xenophon's Anabasis is an enjoyable and thrilling account of what can be considered the forerunner of Alexander the Great's invasion of the Persian Empire. The Anabasis is the story of Greek mercenaries who picked the wrong Persian to fight for in a Persian civil war. The Greeks beat the Persians in front of them, but Cyrus the Persian was killed, their leader. So the Anabasis is the story of their retreat from the Persian Empire. The Greek is not so difficult for Classical Greek. The study of the Anabasis helps one's mastery of Greek. And the Loeb classics have valuable indices for Bible background studies.
          1. This is a basic Greek history, useful for vocabulary precedent for NT, even though not near NT period.