• It seems to me that there has been a change of some sort out there in Washington State...and NOT a good one. I'm sure that you'd say you're becoming more "scholarly" or more "academic" or (yuk!) more "inclusive". Cris Dickason's review really says it all far more eloquently than I could.
    1. Bob, I realize, first off, that Logos is a business and not a ministry or an apostolate. I add that it is a business for which I am deeply grateful as I am a very longtime patron. I think that the generally negative reaction to the book in question is the result of the initial shock of seeing such a title in your inventory. I know that over the many years that I have used and purchased Logos products I have come to "expect" very "reliable" evangelical works. When I saw this one it unhorsed me. I guess that I had a flashback of "seminary shock". In retrospect, although I will not pre order this title, I have to admit that it is certainly valuable as a source of what the "other side" is thinking and saying.
    2. Logos is a valuable resource, one I am very grateful for. Of course, I do not agree with this book and as Thomas said it reminded me of my seminary! That said it should not surprise us as we find LDS and other SDA material here AND even Catholic(!!!) - hard for an evangelical! I am grateful for those who have sorted the authors according to their alignment in Collections otherwise I would be buying books like these that I have no wish to have unless I am writing an academic book on the subject itself. I will be exercising a little more caution in future though about what titles I buy not realising that they were not all vetted!
    3. Whereas, Ian, that as a Lutheran pastor I find the Catholic resources normal and expected, but find the LDS resources far more surprising and unexpected. It's amazing the variety that our brothers and sisters in Christ come in, isn't it?
  • Steve, with all due respect, I think that your complaint is unfair. Logos software is, indeed, complex and extremely powerful, but we have to bear in mind that what is offered is a library. One does not have to be fully proficient in the use of all the features of the software in order to get the good of system's content. I've been using Logos since the time it was delivered on cassettes and, admittedly, still discover features and strengths that I never tapped before. This is a testament to my slowness of wit, NOT to any fault of Logos. You've attended MP Seminars, that's a leg up on me and, probably, most other users. I wonder what your purpose was in purchasing one of the most complete of Logos' products if you had no Greek, Hebrew or Latin and, apparently, no inclination to learn anything about those languages? I believe the package that you own contains reference grammars for both Greek and Hebrew. Nevertheless, the library that you own contains a wealth of literature that requires no knowledge of the ancient languages, yet provides an education in exegesis and hermeneutics as well as very powerful and practical advice to pastors, preachers, and laypeople.
    1. Mr. Shea, the reason I purchased the Gold and then upgraded to Platinum was because I was led to believe that the user-interface would enable me to benefit from original language tools without the necessary language training. Few things turned out to be farther from the truth to date, sad to say.
    2. Steve, Logos actually sells two products that might approach a solution to your problems. They are entitled respectively: "Learn to Use Greek with Logos Bible Software" and "Learn to Use Hebrew with Logos Bible Software". Neither product presupposes any proficiency with either language, but shows you how to use Logos to research and analyze words and material in those tongues using the system. I haven't checked to see if they are still available or not, but it might be worth your time to take a look. Hang in there!
    3. Mr. Shea, I am sick and tired of buying, and buying and buying to obtain the promised benefits. Enough is enough. I'll stick with the English language products and keep my money for the time being. One thing I've been telling myself and trying to tell my local church is that the Word of God is for living out, not perpetual studying.
  • What a fabulous collection!!! The price is right for a parish library. In fact, the price is almost a "giveaway" for these volumes with the incredible study enhancement of Logos thrown in. Unfortunately, it's out of my range on a fixed income. I hope that the $399 price tag speeds it into production for those who have been able to pre-order it.
    1. As a Roman Catholic cleric, I would like to begin by thanking Logos for taking on the financial risk of providing Catholic publications. My hope is that Logos products will be embraced by Catholic dioceses throughout the nation and become fully embraced by the working clergy. The availability of products oriented toward Catholics, hopefully, will be the gateway for more of us to use and enjoy the wealth of Evangelical Protestant academic and practical knowledge available in such abundance from Logos. I've been using Logos products for over ten years and I can say that, by and large, when it comes to the tenets of the faith, I find very little difference with Evangelicals...ecclesiology and the sacraments, of course, are another matter. Nevertheless, my preaching, my understanding of the original languages and my spiritual well being have benefited from my long association with Logos. I hope others will make the same happy discovery. Regarding this particular nine volume set, it is an excellent choice for any catechist, preacher or apologist. This is not to suggest that these volumes are absent from most of our hardbound parish and personal libraries, but the added power of the Logos system brings them not only to life again, but makes them even more available for in depth study. Thank you, again!!!
      1. excuse me, is not offensive. I agree with Thomas F. Shea