• I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read but covered a good amount of material. The style of writing kept me reading 'just one more chapter'. I actually purchased a copy for a friend. It's a small introduction to what the believers before us endured. I think people not familiar with church history would really benefit from reading this.
    1. I was very pleased with this course. Having been involved with music ministry for many years, this is an insightful discourse to point us where we need to be focused. I have had a number of these thoughts and this solidified some of my convictions. I find Dr. Block enjoyable to listen to (he reminds me of my father in-law who just went home to be with the Lord). I believe some will find this challenging. Here in NY, many houses of 'worship' have become entertainment centers. This is a call to be focused on God and live as He has called us to. Thank you Dr. Block for taking the time to share this with us.
      1. An interesting read. I would have liked to have seen the author put some references in for the stories he tells. Some of the ways the author looks at parables I haven't heard in the 35 years i have walked with the Lord. If nothing else, the book will inspire me to do some digging in areas I would not have thought about. The book reads easy as the author tells various stories of his experiences. Some are very touching. It was worth the $8 to hear some different thoughts.
        1. This was a really well done course. I am not a college graduate so there were parts that were well over my head, but the overall picture this painted was well worth the time. I will have to go back to the reading again, I went through this through the Mobile Ed Subscription and was running out of time. Fred Sanders obviously knows what he is teaching and he goes through the material in a way that gives a great historical picture of what the church has taught through the ages. I am very thankful that I was able to go through this.
          1. I really enjoyed this course. Having studied Ruth before, I still learned a number of things that I hadn't thought about before. Dr. Block was clear in his communication and easy to listen to. I look forward to going through more of his material.
            1. Loved this course. It was very educational to learn what the teaching were during the time of Jesus. This is so packed with information I will eventually go through it again. I was looking for a historic overview and I learned more than I imagined through these lessons. I'm surprised that more people haven't picked this one up.
              1. I take it you have the video version of this course? If so, how much would you say the videos contribute to course content (versus listening to the course as audio?)
            2. I enjoyed TH291 History and Trends in Dispensationalism over this class. I agree with the other comments, if you like Progressive Dispensation, you will like this. If you don't, it's a good one to pass by. I have enjoyed Dr. Brock's teaching on other books, you just need to be a good student and know what you believe and stand on that.
              1. Dr. Carl Sanders does a wonderful job giving an overview of the history of dispensationalism. It is clear he knows this material and he speaks in a way that is respectful of all the views he talks about. After going through this I have a better understanding of various theological views. I look forward to going through more of his Mobile Ed courses. He is a very enjoyable teacher to study under.
                1. There was some really good information in this course, and some I won't be using. Overall it was good, although at times I had a hard time listening to it. The instructor seemed to stumble over his own words often, which is ironic since this is a course on speaking. I found the first half of the course to be the most useful. The second half has good information for people who are not used to public speaking - posture, hand gestures, looking at people in the eye. Glad I went through it, it reminded me of things I learned early in my walk.
                  1. The more I use the resource, the more liberal teaching I see in it. It has a wealth of information, just realize at times you may not agree with it and have to glean things from it.