• As a pastor, educator and church starter I have used and still use multiple Bible translations to get the gospel message across to listeners from varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds. While I appreciate your scholarly study of this KJV vs. other Bible versions as utilized in different congregations and settings, I do not see any references to use of the KJV or other Bible translations in the African American or other ethnic churches or cultures. I see the generalizations but more information would be welcomed on how churches adopted their use of a particular translation.
    1. Rev. Brown, I have very little information on this question. I'd love to learn more. I don't even know how many churches use the KJV (or are KJV-Only), regardless of tradition. I'm not aware of any studies that reveal this. I'm not really sure where to go to get answers to your questions. I focused instead on the current intelligibility of KJV English.
    2. Thank you for your response. The KJV and other Bible versions was merely a passing thought that I have had to deal with primarily in Baptist churches. Some go from absolute use of KJV to any version will do.
    3. Interesting. Thank you for the feedback!