• I'm just a bit confused, as this was sent to me under the subject of 'Logos Lutheran Resources', but there is not a Lutheran in the mix. Also no Roman Catholics or Eastern Orthodox authors. You would think that only Baptists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians (and their descendants) ever had anything to say on the subject. Since the perspective on pedobaptism of Lutherans, Catholics and Orthodox is somewhat different than that of Protestants, this is a significant oversight.
    1. What I do find entertaining, just glancing through the descriptions of these titles, is that they fully admit to eschewing classical Christian theology and then replace it, like somehow they knew better then those that sat at the feet of the original apostles. Bewildering to me actually.
    2. It is pretty puzzling that it contains no Lutheran, Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox writings on the Sacrament of Holy Baptism when those three traditions have had so much to say on the topic.
    3. Yeah...22 of 42 volumes written by Baptists? This is less of a "study on Baptism" and more of a propaganda collection for Baptist doctrine. But we'll throw some Presbyterians and Episcopalians in there to make it look ecumenical. I find it hard to fathom how the curators thought that these other traditions haven't created a single classic on the subject. I have three on my shelf (not including the Book of Concord). Given the importance which Lutherans place on Baptism (and our unique contribution to the subject), you can't adequately study the topic without a single Lutheran perspective. Lowest bid is $16? I wouldn't pay 16 cents to have this biased collection clogging up my library.