• I'm really looking forward to have this! And it's exiting to hear about upcoming danish Logos ressources Robert!
    1. Waw! I have never before seen a system where you can click praying: why don't we just do that :-) Incidentially such features are probably also the reason that Logos is not spreading very fast in one of the most secular countries in the world - how many Christians are really reading and studying their Bible on a daily basis. And those who do will probably study "Bibelen på Hverdagsdansk" anyway - which of course not is available in Logos anyway :-)
    2. Come to thing about it, you in Mariager might want to share with the world how your school is using Logos from day one in your classes?
    3. Hey Nicolai! Yeah it seems very uphill with the danish books on Logos etc. It is a very small language, and even less people are using Logos here. functions.Yeah I agree that we should hope for Logos for the masses i Denmark and at the other theological educations. I am studying theology myself via Harvest Bible College in Australia through the "højskole" in Mariager. We are using it very much in Mariager at Mariager Bible College. We are approx. 40 users of Logos at the school at the moment, so it is widely used. I held a small course in the use og Logos Bible Software 5 last year, as many people couldn't figure out how to use many of the We use it often in class to make exegesis and often in our theological assignments. We use many different functions inside Logos it depends on what we are specifically doing in the class.Yes Faithlife is a great system with "Amen" and "Like" functions etc. but I don't use it a lot anyway.