• The exposition of the actual Psalms in this volume seem like pure gold, especially if you love the discipline of Biblical Theology as I do. So very rich. This volume is now my favorite in helping me to preach the Psalms, but I am reading it right now devotionally, and that is rich as well. The emphasis here is clearly on the final form of the canonical text, which in my opinion, is exactly right. The connections he makes between texts in the Psalms and between these Psalms and the Bible elsewhere are so helpful, helping us to see the unity of the Bible in all of it's diversity. The introduction was okay, with some very good points made, but the exposition of the actual Psalms is where this volume is pure gold. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Dr. Hamilton for serving the Church by writing this commentary, which you, very evidently, put great amounts of time and effort into.
    1. I am not nearly as persuaded by his suggestions of the various chiasms (in the introduction). Maybe he'll persuade me of those more in the exposition sections. But that does not at all get in the way of this amazing commentary. So thankful for this work.
  • I love his writings! Logos, please add his volume on Revelation 2-3 to this collection to make it complete.
    1. His volume (not in this collection) is excellent. Sound scholarship combined with devotional warmth, a combination not easily found. I truly hope this collection comes to be!
      1. I'm sorry, I intended to begin by saying, "His volume in Colossians..."...
    2. This commentary is now my favorite on Genesis. It is even-handed...does not stretch the meaning of the text. In the notes on verses it is accessible and even enjoyable to read. He gives just what the preacher needs. I think it tops the NICOT
      1. This commentary is excellent for preachers. Though not light-weight in theology or theory, it is yet very accessible and clear, full of wisdom and pastoral insights for preaching. Very useful!
        1. So far, I have found this commentary excellent on theological application and practical application. Great for the preacher!