• For $24.99 a year you will have a hard time matching this anywhere. I have been using Logos since 2010 and I love it. It can be difficult to navigate until you learn the tricks but investing some time into learning the software is well worth the effort. Let me know if I can be of help.
    1. Wondering how soon this resource will be available in Logos. I already own it in Word Search but having it in Logos would be so much better.
      1. Tony, we currently do not have a release date for this resource. We still need additional orders.
    2. The majority of what I am missing on this comparison is stuff I don't use anyway and never will. What I am interested in is buying the tools and features that I had as a Logos now subscriber. I would love to purchase those items without all the other things you include in the upgrade. I don't really want to pay you $99.00 a year to use those tools. I love Sermon Editor. So just interactive media and the media collections at one price please??? I notice there is no dollar value attached to those items but they are only available by purchasing Logos 7 or subscribing to Logos Now. Give me a good price on the things I want and need.
      1. " Give me a good price on the things I want and need." LOL
    3. This product is available on Word Search for $300.00 https://www.wordsearchbible.com/products/39422 You might want to reconsider your price! I will buy it if you match their price.
      1. He is actually right! The price in WSB is now at $599.95... So Logos is offering a better deal... I believe that´s a first!!
      2. The price is reduced to $349.95 as on Oct 22, 2016. So, Logos price is much higher but it has its distinctive advantage as well.
      3. As of Dec 18, 2017, the word search price is $299.95!