• I bought this one last Month. Today this is on today's Twitter Daily Deal
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  • Value for money in the incredible scholarship in the volumes I have (the ones that have been while live AND then on sale during the past about two and a half Years) is five stars, all of them - excellent value for money whether You acquired them like I did, for very near regular price individually or You are acquiring them on this ongoing 40% off the sets sale May 2019. But the lack of any Apocrypha volumes, the fact that this is not my preferred platform (I've committed to buy ONLY at A-company - they have the public domain NT-volumes affordably), the sheer number of pages in some of the volumes excessive in and conserned minute detail, and the lack of Catholic scholarship, is three stars - because those things are not negatives to all buyers; and the weighed rating is therefore four stars. Value for me personally would be A+ because I don't have any nearly complete more recent or as scholarly technical OT-sets under Verbum. That is - if I still find enough in these to motivate me to even use Verbum for the technical matters of the OT altogether - my library is fairly extensive and broad and I have the competing software platform. I contemplating whether I even need to complement at all in this area. The natural or obvious lack of integration between software platforms is a two and a half stars and really drawback rating for me. Being on the fence for two and a half more days the rating as per whether I should by is a balanced three and a half stars for me personally. My upgrade price is $266.76 - that would give me Isaiah 1-5, 56-66 and while I'm not an Isa specialist those are a major draw for me, as well as the purchase would give me the Daniel volume from 1936 which would give me a very important historical scholarship perspective. There are more volumes I don't have and the underlying prices are near what I would pay anyway for the quality. Just the question whether I should abandon building with technical commentaries and completely other books that I neither want to support FL with nor that are core to on whay I plunk done the big money on phase-by-phase. There are a lot of volumes I still don't have, I really don't own most off the ICC set anywhere. My NT set upgrade price is about 64% off regular price but I have more than half of the NT in reality considering my A-company holding too. My alternative option is to get only the ONE volume from somewhere in the ICC set that I don't have under Verbum WHICH I think is an absoiute necessity, it's from 1891, and to ignore the aforementioned ones possible to buy and not upgrade at all. The NT set I MIGHT someday temporarily want through Vebum Cloud Premium $50 a Month - subscribing 2 or 3 dispersed Months sometime many Years from now would be somewhat realistic and OK on the disappointment/excitemeny scale, but for that I'd really condition myself to have a co-author by then. Anyone want to co-author with me? Email me on mikael.c.608 @ stud.ths ///DOT/// one of Northern Europe's three biggesy countries topdomain for what it's about! One of the things is a list of what all things NOT to buy or own at all during an entire lifetime! What do You think I should do - are the volumes I mentioned in the beginning and the remaining OT public domain titles worth it for me or better to library-build in my other venue hencefort with the lack of unavailability that remains? Comment or contact on this, please! Thanks (I want to reach also divorced men who build large libraries! For You I'll include at least three various chapters in my book.)
    1. I calculated that the value for me would be $276.76 the way I would value them i.e. in reality. If I'd go individual volumes I'd permanently skip owning five of the volumes that are available for individual purchase that I don't have (Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah, Proverbs, Daniel, one and half of the Minor Prophets modules) - actually mostly such as with Prv (which is a top scholarship volume) because they are not my favourite books of the Bible; but would then proceed to pay full price for the rest which would total $193, and would just put through on the webpage myself since it'd be worth that and since several of the volumes are likely not possible to get discounted further (I have experience from that from various times with various ICC volumes), and that way I would only gain five volumes and miss out on FOUR highly desirable ones that are only sold in the bundle and not at all individually. I skip desiring Daniel. Two volumes that I have that are really excellent are f.e. Judges, as well as Kings I and II, those are well worth their regular price. Ezekiel is great, fairly priced and in a purchase together with many other books discountable. The two Jeremiah volumes from 1975 are often cited, still in books printed just now. In the value for me I included Isa 1-5 at $75, that's because it can't be purchased separately. I valued other recent volumes less than half of that. I still haven't decided whether to go with the full OT set, what decision do You think I should do? My and Your considerations are valuable for others considering a purchase. Thanks in advance to You and to Verbum! Briefly I'll comment that in the NT set REALLY wortwhile ones for everyone are volumes such as all the Gospel of John volumes (even at their regular prices), Acts (especially the 2nd volume), Ephesians by Best (as well as his Sheffield Studies in the Bible volume) Colossians by Abbott, Revelation (currently on a deep and rare sale). The NT set as a whole is a tad overpriced. There are more volumes worth everyone's while who need deep technical insight such as the two Romans volumes by Cranfield.
  • This is a low-end Collection, I withdrew my bid several Years ago. Don't gather everything that has been said, buy I encourage most to bid on ancyclopedia Britannica (1912) instead - and bid high there! It is high-end. Fallacies include the felt need for low-end library and for many mid-level individual add-ons. I have libraries worthy of an author!
    1. A great addition to anyone's library! Currently not included in any base-package
      1. This installed with the Verbum desktop software gives a fairly well-balanced library for systematic theology, teaching, essential Septuagint OL texts and basic lexicons, a thought out approach to things like English Bible versions and marriage resources included (other Logos base-packages are kind of a bit offensive on those things) - I would not want to gather a lot additional such resources - they give too many hits and the Bibles with RI:s use up a lot of space on the disk in vain unless You use the command "delete unlicensed resources". I have not personally bought this package but have talked to a person who significantly contributed to it. My high rating speaks volumes because I'm VERY hard to convince with Silver level Libraries and additional resources to get. However You can try this https://www.logos.com/coupon-codes What I've got since before (listed right now on twitter, mcyklist) explains a lot of what I'm seeing as additional resources but my review was also saying there are some basic OL resources (which I think most customers expect). However if someone wants to have the full benefit of functionality it is not enough with several Bibles, Full Feature Set and a base-package at this level but You'd also need TDOT, NIDNTTE, LSJ - which would cost You a lot. As there are also more brief similar lexicons and this misses the point with getting a base-packages such as this one, 8 Orthodox Silver all I'm saying is don't expect to be able to grapple with all aspects of OL:s, not even with any Gold level base-packages. There are other, unlisted ways to get resources: Such as BW Upgrade. As a general side-note: Don't be tricked by the total number of resources (new to You), the approximate savings or improvements to the software. This platform is for a level of studies which most users won't reach. And no You don't get the easy to use Features with "Basic", "7 Essentials", or Starter Feature Set. If You start out with this platform there is a great deal of incentives to inevitably brake Your budget, handling of powerful search and command-line interface that gets in the way of routine manoeuvring that You may be used to from elsewhere to be able to do with a solution right out of the box, and You'll need to from start set up advance strategies what You are going to do when faced with decisions. The question is: What do You need AND want? And when You've answered that: Does it fit into exceeding Your budget several times over? Don't do it on a payment plan
        1. I've had this book since Apr. 23. 2014 and it's a very fair one in its objectives and conclusion.
          1. Hi , did you see that another of Kaiser's books, "Preaching and Teaching the Last Things" is the free book of the month? I've always liked Walter Kaiser.
        2. This is a commentary that I've had for 1¾ Years that fulfils my criteria set out in the thread: https://community.logos.com/forums/p/127666/831007.aspx The amount of material is suitable for most readers/users of 2 Cor. And it has received an excellent review in a scholarly book in 2018 (and was mentioned as great in the 2007 Edition of it). It quotes sometimes which English Bible versions translated a word in a verse in the way being discussed in this commentary, and the selection of English Bible versions used for that is decent
          1. The five-star rating stands for now and I've given it thought, until something better comes out. I have this particular volume under OIiveTree in order to read through it on my BlackBerry Playbook tablet with Playbook OS 2.0, this hardware has a better user interface, for a tablet. Under Verbum You shouldn't get disapointed. This is one of the few academic scholarly volumes that doesn't directly deny the authenticity of 1 Pt, and it's not overpriced. The individual volume may be on a sale some time in the future, although rarely. I've rated the Hermeneia -volume by Achtemeier 3 stars because it's not supportive of Peter having had anything to do with how 1 Pt came to be but for the few parts of 1 Pt where You can ignore that bias, the Hermeneia -volume could be used to complement what You have. Or wait for something newer. There is a forthcoming volume on 1 Pt by David A. DeSilva in the Eerdmans Critical Commentary (ECC) -series. If You like that series, wait for that volume to be produced under Verbum! David G. Horrell has authored a print commentary volume in the Epworth -series in 1998, and a great monograph that works like an introduction, in the Sheffield/T & T Clark New Testament Guides -series in 2008, and there is a forthcoming volume by him in the International Critical Commentary (ICC) -series: https://www.bookdepository.com/1-Peter-David-G-Horrell/9780567030573 which can be pre-ordered for £53.70 and is expected to arrive in 2018. Conclusion: If this NICNT -volume is up-to-date enough for You, use it or what David G. Horrell authors. For the very cheapest option, go with Epworth. For grammatical-historical backing and more, wait for the 2018 ICC -volume. Don't wait for the Sheffield/T & T Clark New Testament Guides -volume from 2008 to be produced under Verbum, buy it in print or under Kindle to be used on a Kindle Paperwhite.
            1. Thanks, , for this detailed review. I have several volumes from the NIC, but so far all of them are for OT books. I will have to add 1 Peter to my wish list.
          2. At least 20 interesting volumes, see particularly the one by Urban C. von Wahlde, also John Kloppenborg.
            1. An idea for negotiations between the publisher and Faithlife would be to offer a new bundle: the New Testament set! I'm not waiting for new 3rd Editions or 2nd Editions for parts of the Bible which only have come out once so far in the series. I think SIL's Exegetical Summaries are generally better than other similar resources sold by Faithlife from this ongoing century for example because of the selection of which commentary series are referenced and the links to the BAGD (i.e. 2nd Edition) Greek lexicon which I have. Commentaries referenced are usually still expensive and if I would want to know what the very latest commentaries say they would not be included in any resources of this kind for a a too long time still. Also as I use multiple software, the Exegetical Summaries are sometimes convenient. Enough about the format. There are some good authors who put together the Exegetical Summaries even though the matter of what exact commentaries You finally want to consult to be discussed together with that You need to look up a few more commentaries that are not referenced here. However I would not recommend You to upgrade Your base-package to get this set (to for example Standard Platinum) because even though there are some various necessary and/or valuable books in for example Platinum if You put some effort into it and have a bit of seminary training (not that much is needed) You will be able and knowledgeable enough to pick and choose what You actually want with the bonus benefit of less clutter in Your library - that way You could get a few even better books dealing with the very same things as some of the books in Platinum. What I mean is that many times a compromise of quality is not a good choice and that a bulk of books can make You stray from what You actually need to or want to study. Shopping too freely can also stray You though. Those who do some level of translating or have great interest in English Bible versions and how a word choice can alter what interpretation shines through, may be the core customers for this product. If all You do is translate there are other alternative sets too, they all differ, You have to choose what's most beneficial for You and aids You with enough references, grammar or matters of interpretation. Unfortunately it's a bit difficult to find out if You like the format: many university libraries and seminaries don't carry these titles, and most of the individual volumes are expensive to buy separately, if You just want to try out and are familiar with abbreviations, series and Bible versions perhaps You could try buying one print volume cheap? It won't link to the Faithlife platform but You'd get access to evaluating whether references You seek are there.