• For visual teachers, the majority of the quality wood cuts in this book are reproductions of Gustave Dore's wonderful series of art that is readily found in so many other locations. There are numerous other smaller pictures that are for explanation, for instance a drawing of a camel or scenery or an Assyrian King, but they are not as detailed or as beautiful as Dore's stuff. In general for quality images for teaching Dore's stuff is worth while, but if you already have a set, I would look elsewhere.
    1. For Visual Teachers, I fully agree with the reviews below. The product is 66 cartoons that are akin to visual word puzzles, like an ax representing acts, but more detailed. Super fun for adults and children.
      1. This seems like an awesome deal, but they are so poorly labeled that searches barely work on them and most of the time you have no idea what you are looking at. I encourage you if you want a location picture set to look at a competitor.