• Great resource especially if you have any journal bundles.
    1. This is a great resource for topical bible studies. A quick search will give you dozens of short articles to use for a small group. Even though these articles are before 2005, they are still relevant. i would highly recommend this resource. Here is a short sample article: Help for Discerning God’s Will by Joan Esherick "How can I know God’s will?" is a question I’m often asked by those I disciple. More than once, I’ve stumbled through the theology of God’s will, only to find that what was really needed wasn’t theological grounding but concise, practical principles for godly decision making. As I sought ways to solidly present the principles of discerning God’s will to struggling believers, I found a useful tool in the acronym EAST. Examine your heart. Ask God to do the same (Ps. 139:23–24). Questions to Ask: Have I really prayed about this decision? Have I waited on God? What do I want and why? Are my reasons biblical? Am I rationalizing or justifying sin? What is keeping me from making this decision? What do I hope for and fear most? Have I discussed my motives and options with a mature believer? Pray: Father, examine my heart, and show me my true motives. Give me an undivided heart that seeks to please You. Apply Scripture (Ps. 40:8; 119:11,105). Questions to Ask: Have I searched the Bible regarding this decision? Am I considering something that is specifically commanded or prohibited in God’s Word? Do the "God’s will" passages apply here? If my decision isn’t covered by specific scriptures, are there general principles that apply? Have I relied on the Spirit as I’ve studied God’s Word? Have I sought counsel as I’ve applied God’s Word? Have I confirmed my application with a mature believer? Pray: Help me to know Your Word, Lord. Please apply it to my heart. Surrender (Mt. 6:10, 26:39). Questions to Ask: Am I willing to do what pleases God, even if it’s not what I want? Have I fully yielded my circumstances and life to God (including dreams, desires, duties, and doubts)? Have I fully surrendered control? Pray: Your will be done, Lord, not mine. I give my life and this decision to You, knowing that Your way is best. Trust (Ps. 9:10, Prov. 3:5). Questions to Ask: Do I trust that God is sovereign and rest in His grace? Am I willing to trust Him with the consequences of my decision? Am I willing to trust God with my future, even when it’s unclear? Am I willing to live by faith, not sight? Pray: Father, help me to rest in Your control. Give me the wisdom and courage to choose, and then use this decision for Your glory.
      1. William, thank you for posting this excerpt. I had been going back and forth on gettting this, but this gave me a good idea of what is available. It's going to be a great resource to have.
    2. This commentary is a great starting point for Pastors. Less in-depth than some commentaries at points but follows a natural flow for sermon writing and outlines. The example below is Luke 10: I. INTRODUCTION A Crossroads at Sea II. COMMENTARY A verse-by-verse explanation of the chapter. III. CONCLUSION Which Way? An overview of the principles and applications from the chapter. IV. LIFE APPLICATION Take My Room Melding the chapter to life. V. PRAYER Tying the chapter to life with God VI. DEEPER DISCOVERIES Historical, geographical, and grammatical enrichment of the commentary. VII. TEACHING OUTLINE Suggested step-by-step group study of the chapter. VIII. ISSUES FOR DISCUSSION
      1. Written in a conversational voice that lends well to preparing a bible lesson or sermon.