• While I realize all of the hard work that is done by Logos in formatting these books for use in the Logos software, many of these books I have no idea who the authors are or what their theological value is. Why would I anyone want to buy 500 books without having any knowledge of the books. I would rather Logos give me the choice of up to 100 books or volumes that are of immediate use to me as a student of the Bible. I have 2500 books in my Platinum Logos 6 many of which I have never used over the last year as I have completed my Masters of Divinity and to be honest, I will never use them. Give me the choice of books to make up the Mega package. That will be a far greater value than having Logos select books that I have no knowledge of or interest in.
    1. It will never happen but I totally agree. Very seldom is there a discount on the few books I actually want to add to my collection. Logos needs some good competition.
  • This product may be useful for a person who can read German. Otherwise it is useless. This applies to all books in the Logos library that is a foreign language. I have all of these books but they are of no value to me since I cannot read them.When offering the books, Logos needs to make it clear that the book is in its native language.