• In the seven sample pages, which I assume are offered to impress the potential buyer, only two from among the more than 50 entries have illustrations. Of course, it is not reasonable to expect that the editors to illustrate everything, and certain entries just would not lend themselves to illustration. However, this is not illustrated enough for me as an addition to the other Bible dictionaries.
    1. Yes, the word 'illustrated' for the title of the book is misleading - a merchant's scheme. For the text itself I can give my opinion after extensive check with other (so many!) bible dictionary. Buy this if you are a Bible dictionary freak or a Logos freak ;-)
    2. read this at a book store few days ago and I gotta say .. the pictures weren't that impressive and they weren't very "informative" per say. I was hoping for better "illustrated" and I was disappointed. This is gimmick.