• I'm disappoint in the direction Logos seems to be moving as far as sales pressure. I called about a technical question which was quickly, professionally and courteously resolved. When done, the tech said he was transferring me to someone to check on the status of my library. I don't recall the exact words ... sounded pretty reasonable at the time, so I agreed. I then got hit with a high pressure sales pitch telling me what he thought I needed ... expensive. When I told him I had all I needed and that I am an LCMS Lutheran and had all the Concordia materials, he tried to sell me the Fortress package. I tried to politely point out the difference and why I only needed what I have and he started to get pushy and sarcastic ... I politely ended the call very disappointed and very much annoyed. I am not so quick to recommend Logos any longer and only with the caveat to be very careful about their pushy sales department and argumentative posture when you try to delineate your needs and limit the scope of your purchase. Please Logos ... you can do much better! Is there new ownership or management? Why have you gone from friendly and helpful sales to pushy and obnoxious?
    1. "Why have you gone from friendly and helpful sales to pushy and obnoxious?" I Agree! The whole Logos 7 things seems way out of hand. Perhaps there is an underlying financial problem. I poked around a bit but I was only able to find 1 favorable review and that person "liked" the $11k package that was on sale for almost $9k. My upgrade (also met with high pressure sales tactics) is almost $700! and they are bragging about that. It's a great product but way over priced in a world full of free resources.
    2. Update: As I continued to look over the web site I was able to find a listing of each resource that would be added to my account. I could see in the list the ones I had and the ones to be added depending on which package I purchased. Furthermore. I was able to see many of the benefits while doing the LT271 study of Jonah - features that I didn't have in Gold 6. Eventually I took the plunge and purchased the upgrade to Gold 7. I also was connected to much less forceful and more accommodating sales person on the second go round. I even got the LT 261 for free (as if). I've been using the upgraded software for about a month now and while it is not "user friendly" there are a lot of free resources for learning how to use it. I also downloaded the free basic to my wife's computer so she could begin to get acclimated to it as well. So far and while I still thinks it's pricy I am thus far pleased with the product. I also "purchased" a huge amount of resources on the Civil War - price $0.0. There are many $0.0 resources as well as many under $15 for the non-scholar such as myself.
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      You wrote your comment quite a long time ago, William, but I'm sorry I didn't see it until now. In case you or anyone else is still interested, I'll say that Martin Luther is certainly included in the Reformation volume. The names listed above in the marketing copy are only a sample; they are not exhaustive. There are quotations from 27 individuals in that volume, not just the 8 listed above. Hope that helps!