• Greatly executed one thing to review is chapter 18 around 5 min mark Gen 23 is to be changed to Ex 23. When introducing the conversation betwesn Yahweh and Moses the narrator says Gen 23 but when wrapping up the quote he says Ex 23
    1. Great book from Bill mounce, always appreciate his expertise. One huge issue i have is with spelling accents etc mistakes, it sucks to not have an accurate representation of what is in the book fron a students point of view, i dont wanna memorize the wrong forms if written wrong,i have reported lots of errors to logs directly in report typo tools and throufh emails and rhroufh tech support, and all have fallen on deaf ears and its quite a shame, they push back and say its the publishers fault, but i guess i just need a printed copy to validate the corrections, suxh a shame to spend double the money, makes me question a large sum of the logos library in general, espexially since nothing seems to be adjusted. Would love to upload the pictures fron the digital copy, because some mistakez seem careless and some are realistic enough to confuse a student in greek, maybe not a teacher or someone with more experience, im just trying to help perfect the errors to help other people avoid the conufaion but they arent listening ...or maybe it is the publishers end? If anybody has a print cipy before i boss up ans spend the money to acquire one, i would love to see what your text has in place of the digitized version, whixh it seems they insist is as reliable as rhe printed. They tell me ita a long revision process that has to go throufh the publisher before they can make any changes, i highly doubt that if theissue is on logos end, if the other way around then it makes sense.
      1. Not morphologically tagged to Greek words and no usable translation texts for comparison, the original was a great tool for a Greek reader,
        1. lol I don't understand the One star/low ratings? It's free Greek/Latin writings with English translations (to most/a lot) and even includes certain tools to understand them, Overview of Classical Greek syntax/Greek syntax etc! I highly recommend it for anybody learning Koine and wanting to dive deeper into its roots in the Older/Classical Greek, or if you just want to read classic writers like Xenophon, Plato, Homer, Tacitus, etc!!! Plus its $Free.99!!!
          1. Great translation with Heb. variants noted which is very helpful. I have noticed some translations that could be better when compared with other LXX versions (Brenton's for ex.) Ex. Jeremiah 37:14 (LES) ".......Because i "made fun" of you with a wound of an enemy..... (Brenton's) "...."For I have smitten thee with the stroke of an enemy..." a couple others...I think after a good revision or comparison to some other LXX's to get a more logical reading this could by far be the best and most helpful one on the market.