• This is not a complete set of all the books in the Bible?
    1. The collection does not appear to include the earlier (and long out of print) Moody Press series that did cover the entire Bible and a separate study on the life of Christ.  I have the series that I bought as "new old stock" from a warehouse sale when I worked for MP decades ago.  I like it, having used many of the volumes.  The series is, however, uneven, with some books receiving better treatment than others.  The volumes included in the Logos collection are all great.  Dr. Irving was certainly a great practitioner of Inductive method in Bible study, and these will not disappoint.  (I also have all of them in print versions.)  This is a collection that definitely deserves to go into production.
    2. Jim, I believe you are referring to my dad's Self-Study Guides by Moody, which are all still available at Moody (39 titles--some cover multiple books of the Bible). [Not able to post the link, but go to moodypublishers  dot com and search for "Jensen self-study guide"] Thank you for your endorsement of his titles! Glad to know that they have been useful resources in your library.