• A excellent book to read for Holy Trinity Sunday. A FULL DISCUSSION!
    1. I wish there was a little book out there on the grammer of the KJV [Early Modern English]. This would be a great service to the Church. I would write this book myself, but I am not a grammar guy!
      1. Thanks Mark, just saw this. On your thought on D.A. Wait's work. I am not sure of what your "argument" is exactly. If it is the standard I am against the KJB because of this and modern versions are better because of this, don't bother because the real argument has nothing to do with comparing versions, it has to do with the doctrine of preservation. Also I was just addressing how the Defined KJB will clear up grammar.
      2. Christopher, I confess to Googling you. =) I found your church website—I was just in your adopted country not long ago serving at a Bible camp up in QLD! We really loved the Aussies we met. My wife and I hope to bring our children some day. My book is neutral on textual criticism and preservation. Someone loyal to the Textus Receptus should be able to read and agree with my argument. Again, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book!
      3. Mark, one source for the English Grammar behind the KJV is White's Dictionary of the King James Language by Steven J. White. This dictionary is useful in that each entry contains word counts, parts of speech, word forms, etymology (including the date the word first entered into English usage), prefixes, suffixes, and plural forms, a layman's definition, additional definitions for various parts of speech (i.e. as a noun, as a verb, etc.), example usage of the word in the KJV, and, for many entries, special notes of interest. Additionally, White's volumes begin with a historical and grammatical section to help explain English language usage. Using his Latin background, White also includes a good section of English prefixes and suffixes in each volume. In volume two, White does an interesting statistical comparison of the KJV 1611 to other early English Bibles, such as Wycliffe, Tyndale, Geneva, and the Bishop Bible. To date, Volume 1: A-E (2004) and Volume 2: F-H (2010) are available in print form only at www.whitesdictionary.ca.
    2. Here is my question. Does Logos have a German text-to-voice reader with this? My German is weak and a text reader would help me with pronunciation! THANKS!
      1. R.H. Charles did great work. I have worked with his Revelation commentary. Heavy-duty scholarship!
        1. I want to order John D. Schwandt's "Greek Audio New Testament," but for some reason when I click on the "Add to the Cart" button nothing happens. Help me here, what does this mean? Do I have this book already [and I don't know it?] or is this not yet available?? Either way, I still want to add this to my Logos collection.
          1. If the Add to the Cart button shows up in a light, almost grayish color, this means that you already have the product in your database. I'm grateful to Logos for setting up this feature in order to reduce duplicate purchases.