• In the "About Daniel L. Migliore" section on this web page, the biographical information mistakenly starts with, "Darrell Guder is ..." instead of "Daniel L. Migliore is ..."
    1. Thank you for reporting this. I have put in a request for this to be corrected.
  • I like this translation and find it useful. However, I reported this a long time ago, i.e., there are 3 verses where Yahweh appears as "Yawheh." The verses are: 2 Sam. 15:25, 2 Sam. 22:16, and 2 Kings 23:11. If this is a typo regarding the greatest name, wouldn't you expect they would want to correct it? Just saying.
    1. I have reported these spelling errors to our team, so that they can be corrected. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    2. I just received an update to LEB. This typo has been corrected.
    3. Yes, Benjamin, I saw that. I'm very pleased about that! Thanks for the alert!