Read the Bible in a year.

Whether you want to read through the Bible in a year with
your church, your small group, or the whole Faithlife
community, there’s a simple way to get started.

Download the reading plan PDF
  • STEP 1

    Create or join a group

    Claim a group for your church, or create a group for your friends, or anyone
    you want to read through the Bible in a year with. Or join the Entire Bible
    in a Year group to meet others with the same Bible-reading goal.

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  • STEP 2

    Invite others to join

    Why read the whole Bible alone? With others in your Faithlife
    group, you can see their Community Notes, prayer
    requests, and more.

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  • STEP 3

    Start the reading plan

    Under “Group Readings,” select your preferred reading plan. To read
    through the Bible canonically, choose “Read the Bible in a year,”
    or use our “365-Day Connect the Testaments Plan” to add variety as
    you work your way through each verse.

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  • STEP 4

    Get the Faithlife app

    It’s free, and it allows you and your group to share notes
    as you read the Bible together. Plus, you’ll get notified
    about what to read, so you’ll stay on track.

    Download now
  • It all starts when you create or join a reading group.
    So start now, and get ready to read through the entire Bible in a year!