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Explore the Intersection of Scripture and Technology at BibleTech

April 11-12


Seattle, Wa

Join other coders and technologists for two days of in-depth discussions and lectures.


Speakers & Topics

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Drayton Benner

Founder/President, Miklal Software Solutions

Speedy, Sleek Searching


James Tauber

CEO, Eldarion

Corpus-driven Greek language learning


Kenny Jahng

Future.Bible Podcast Co-Host

Seeing The Future Now: Examining the Glacial Pace of Digital Engagement with the Bible


Mark Ward

Academic Editor - Lexham Press, Faithlife

Visualizing Textual Critical Data for English-Speaking Laypersons: Lessons from

A Media Ecology of Bible Software

Tagging Meaning Not Just Form


Peter Venable

Information Architect, Faithlife

Alexa, What Does the Bible Say...?


Rev. Gary Carr

Ecclesiastical Endorser for Chaplaincy, The Wesleyan Church

Welcome to The Faith Museum


Rick Brannan

Data Wrangler, Faithlife

Identifying Important Bible Cross-References


Sean Boisen

Director of Content Innovation, Faithlife

Mapping the World of Theology


Joseph Carter

QA and Software UI/UX Design, Olive Tree Bible Software

Digital Bibles and the Kinesthetic Learner


Dr. Joshua Mann

President/CEO, Expositus

Your Technology is Talking: How (and What) the Bible's Medium Communicates


Steven Runge

Scholar-in-Residence, Faithlife

Logos 8 Workflows and Pedagogy


Joshua Mathias

CTO, Writealyze

Bible Verse Recommendation for Writers using Machine Learning


Robert Rouse


The Graphé as a Graph


Stephen Smith

Sr. Director, Digital Products, HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Designing for Agency in Bible Study


Adam Graber

Product Development Manager, Tyndale House Publishers

Crowdsourcing Scripture, Then and Now

Jason Thacker

Associate Research Fellow/Author, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Man and Machine: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Humanity

Andi Wu and Randall Tan

Senior VP of Linguistic Research, Global Bible Initiative

The CLEAR Approach to Bible Translation

Isaiah Hoogendyk

Biblical Data Engineer, Faithlife

Lexical Data for a Brave Digital World

Keith Williams & Dan Farrell

Better Together: Integrating Print + Digital for the Bible

Kent Shaffer

Founder of Open Church, Open Church

The Fringe Future of Scripture

Michael Hite

Instructor/VP, Bear Valley Bible Institute

Root Frequency as a Tool to Unlock Major Book Themes and Emphasis

Germán Jabloñski

Universidad Adventista del Plata

A useful and effective information architecture for a note-taking application from documents

Benjamin & Shira Levy

Founders of Bible In Hebrew

Light To the Nations - Multi-LIngual Audio Visual Hebrew Reader

Jennifer Miles

Faithlife Church Product Manager

The Rise of Multimodality: Instascripture and a shrinking biblical framework

“I attended all the BibleTech conferences ever since 2008. These conferences, hosted by Faithlife, have given me opportunities to share my work as well as learning from the work all the other people are doing. I also met people who became my co-workers today. It is an excellent platform for Bible technology.”

Andi Wu

“BibleTech is such a great gathering of those who are using technology to take God's Word to the world. Having attended the last three, it's a conference I always circle on my calendar. I wouldn't miss it!”

LaRosa Johnson

“BibleTech intersects my interest in advanced technology with a higher purpose. It's the smallest, friendliest tech conference I've attended.”

Peter Venable

“My experiences with conferences is that either the talks are good, or the connections are good, but not both. BibleTech is one conference where both the presentations and the in-between-times are incredibly enriching.”

Eli Evans

“BibleTech’s talks from years ago still inspire me in my daily work. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but BibleTech is an opportunity to pause, reflect, and see that all across the world, people like me are finding new ways to reach real people.”

David Schwegler

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