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Author of Fire Someone Today, CEO of Faithlife, and speaker on digital publishing and entrepreneurship.
  • Is trimming 5% usually a one-off exercise in response to a specific need or is it done on a regular schedule?
  • In terms of a cash-aware culture, what should a typical employee, who does not make direct financial decisions, know about the company's cash and use of cash? And are "card-carrying" employees different in their level of awareness?
  • What about stake(or share)holders--would they fit on this list? Granted, by taking care of the business, you are taking care of stakeholders; but, I imagine stakeholders could have different opinions of how to 'take care of the baby' and the expected outcome of doing so.
  • I greatly enjoyed reading your book this spring. As it was written 8 years ago within a different season of Faithlife Corporation's history, have you considered writing an addendum or revision to your book now that Faithlife has ~3x more employees? Are there any chapters that are easier or harder to do with a dynamically growing company?
  • Do you mean a business is always growing or decreasing, or do you mean if you aren't growing then you're shrinking?
  • Hey Bob, Love the book. One question for you: What's the most important/most meaningful business lesson you've learned since your book was published?
  • "Find a group of business peers with whom you can share and learn. I cannot recommend YEO strongly enough; if YEO is not the right fit for you, then find the group that is. This is one of the best investments you can make in your business." Hi Bob, Amen to the importance of getting connected with business peers. A few years back I hooked up with the Dallas Junior Chamber and I've met a lot of great people there. Most of the meetings are geared towards networking, which is okay, but I've often thought it would be fun to try to recreate Ben Franklin's Junto club and broaden the base of conversation. I tried to find the YEO that you mentioned in your book but couldn't. Did they rebrand under EO by chance? Thanks for your book, I appreciate your honesty.
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  • I like this concept. But I find that meals are good for maintaining friendship and relationship, but often not for accomplishing things. How do you have a working meal where work happens?
  • Do you use questionnaires that identify 'high flyers'?