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    Brenda is breaking out of the hospital today!😊 Thank You Jesus!😊 Thanks everyone for the prayers!😊❤
    1. Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!!! 🤗🙏🥰
    2. Praising God 🙏💗
    3. Praise the Lord!!!
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    Praising the Lord and thank you for the prayers, Brenda is doing much better, she can drink water, eat jello and cream of wheat without experiencing any pain, she was just upgraded to a low fat diet and if things go well they will discharge her on Monday and we will just have to make a daily trip to the hospital for the infusion of antibiotics for the blood infection until October 9th! Thanks be to God!
    1. Praying!!
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      Thank you Cindi and Patti. Cindi we continue to pray for God's complete healing of your shoulder.
    3. Thank you Brenda
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    Dr. Kahn, Brenda's Oncologist was in this morning and told Brenda that with everything that is going on with her right now, that he has decided to skip the last chemo cycle and trust that God has taken care of it! He had been conflicted with this, but that is his conclusion for now, so that she can heal! As soon as she gets home and is eating good and feeling better, she is to call him and they will set up an appointment for another pet scan! Thank to all for the prayers!❤
    1. Thank you Betty. I just enjoyed a cup of coffee and Jello. The first anything by mouth in a week. It was the most wonderful breakfast 😊
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      Agreeing in prayer here too!! Amen!
    3. Thanks Karen.
  • Good morning Calvary family, This Sunday (9-26) we will begin practicing for the Christmas musical, Back to the Manger. It is a multi-generational musical so we need all ages to be involved in the drama and music. If you are interested in singing or acting, please come to check it out. Acting parts will be decided by next week. Some adult parts have already been chosen. Also, we need a time machine built. If you have that skill and not the acting or singing skill, perhaps that would be something you would be willing to volunteer to do. God is moving at Calvary. Let's get involved and bring back the energy lost over the past year and a half. We serve an amazing God! We can serve Him by getting the message of God's love out to our families and community. The play will be presented at our Happy Birthday Jesus celebration on Sunday evening, December 12. Thank you so much for being faithful and committed to such a great God! You can contact me with questions or comments: kids@cbcconnect.org Hugs! Nora
    1. I will be counting, but I’d love to participate.
    2. Would like to hear about it!! Where?
    3. Kid's room during church 😁
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    Please Pray Brenda has staff in her blood. They are hitting ot with 3 antibiotics through her pic Line and potassium and several other things. That is what is causing the shakes and the high temperatures.
    1. Prayers for Brenda, the care team surrounding her and you as well Erich 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
    2. Sending love, hugs, and prayers!
    3. Thank you all for your prayers, your love, and your support. I very much appreciate it ❤
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    Please, prayers for Brenda I started out good. Got cleaned up and felt great. Then I started shaking uncontrollably and was freezing. I could breath on the uptake, but the down take made my chest heavy and I was wheezing. They turned the heat up and wrapped me in warm blankets. I woke up hot. They gave me Tylenol at 7:30 and my temperature was 99.6. A little before 8:30 the doc came in and said you are burning up. My temperature jumped to 102.8 even with Tylenol. I now have no covers and ice packs under my arms and on my abdomen. They did a chest xray and I am wearing a heart monitor. Please keep praying for God's healing and comfort
    1. Praying for you Brenda!
    2. Prayers continue...along with love and warm hugs. 🙏😊🤗🤗💖
    3. Thank you everyone. I feel the prayers and love!
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    Requesting prayers for Brenda as she is in the hospital! She was experiencing pain and has a high fever! They found inflammation again in the same area, so prayers and stronger antibiotics are needed! Thank You
    1. Erich, our prayers stay strong because thankfully our God is strong. Dear Father God, You know exactly what Erich and Brenda need today. Please meet their need. We ask that the fever would break and the meds would work. Father, you know each person on Brenda’s doctor team, grant them wisdom and clarity, guide their hands and eyes and give them good success today. Amen
  • Tuesday morning bible study
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      Thank You for prayers! we have talked to the surgeon and they are going to admit Brenda, they are going to treat her with antibiotics and monitor her white blood cell count for maybe 3 days to see if she will heal and avoid surgery! So we are praying that this wisdom is from God and surgery will be avoided! Thanks, Erich
      1. Praying 🙏 Jeff & Shari Walker
      2. We've been praying. How is she doing?
      3. She is still in the hospital and probably will be until at least Friday as they see how she progresses. It will be slow healing because of chemo! Still on a liquid diet!🙁 Thank You for Prayers!
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      Please pray.

      Needing prayers for Brenda as we are currently at St. Joe hospital ER waiting on the on call surgeon and for her to be admitted for a perforation in her colon below the duodenum, probably caused by the chemo medicines! Thanks, Erich
      1. Thank you everyone!
      2. Praying!!!
      3. Praying!