• Please pray.

    Hey y’all, wanted to update on what is going on with me. I have to have a total reverse shoulder replacement. The pain has been incredible but your prayers and pain medication are making it much more bearable. Thanks so much. Surgery will be Monday. Not sure of the time yet but will let you know when I do. Please continue to pray for me. I appreciate it so much
    1. I’ve been having ‘sympathy pain’ in my shoulder, but Pastor Mike said it was the wrong shoulder! 🤷‍♀️ I hurt when I think of you, so I am using it as my reminder that you are needing prayer. I am so sorry this happened. 🥲 . We are close by if you need anything at all. 💕
    2. Best to stay home. I can imagine that shoulder pain. So sorry. If yall need anything let us know.
    3. Diana, I think Pastor Mike has it wrong. I hurt my dominant shoulder and you were having pain in your dominant shoulder.
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    Saturday, August 6
  • Saturday afternoon outreach tomorrow. We are planning on meeting at the church at 2:00 pm and loading some food and supplies to take to the (often) homeless. We will love on the people, pray with them and bless them. We are taking it to the streets and welcome whoever has a mind and heart to reach out of the four walls of the church. We’ll be downtown from 2:30-4:30, so come and reach out with us! Don
    1. I will join you in spirit !! Wish it were in person!! God bless this outreach Father! Direct your Holy Spirit to bring softened hearts hungry for your WORD as well as food. Bring your children from N E WS to be saved and let Your Will be done! All for Your GLORY!! Amen 💕💕
  • Urgent Prayer Request: Pastor Patty took a bad fall this morning and messed up her shoulder bad. She is on the way to the hospital now. Please pray. Thank you!
    1. I am praying for Pastor Patty.
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    ReadAugust 2022

    Greetings CCwfcf family! July was another wonderful month for Convergence Church as we continue to be obedient to what God has called us to do.

    The beginning of July the Shaum's had a Connect Gathering at their house. We had a great time sharing together, eating great food and playing games. It's so good when we can get together outside of church. This was bookended with the Connect Gathering at our house at the end of the month. We love these times with you and the opportunity to open our home. Please consider starting a monthly Connect gathering so that there are more and more opportunities to be together outside of church.

    We also had one of our G.R.O.W. gatherings at Celeste's house and ate dinner together before we dug into the word and finished discussing the last Personal Giant that we need to mortify. It was a wonderful meal and the discussion time was rich. We finished the evening up with a powerful time of prayer during which we had one person receive a healing and another experienced deliverance.

    Last month's G.R.O.W. gatherings dug into the last of 6 Personal Giants that we must mortify if we are going to see victory and impact in our walk with Christ. We then began a 10 week study from The Send and Crazy Love to give us greater understanding of salvation and what is needed to effectively share the gospel with those around us. We are only 2 weeks into the study and we have been deeply challenged and had our eyes opened to a greater understanding of the truth. We have moved the G.R.O.W. Gathering to our house as we continue to build community and follow the model of the early church that turned the world upside down. Please join us every Wednesday, 7pm, at our house. You can join in the lesson at https://crazylovesent.teachable.com/ We are starting on week two.

    July 17th - Cheryl and Renda were baptized during the service. We are rejoicing in the decisions that have been made to be obedient to the command to be baptized. Heaven is rejoicing as well. We are believing that this is just the beginning of the baptisms we will see at Convergence Church.

    July 22nd - We had Fire on the Altar again as we sought the Lord in worship & intercession for our city, our nation, and the world. This gathering was in the midst of a 7 day corporate fast to see deliverance come to those in the church as strongholds and traps of the enemy were exposed. The fast challenged us to open up to the Lord to see hidden things revealed and deliverance and freedom come to our lives. Fire on the Altar was a powerful time with the Lord and built upon what the Lord was already doing. We know that there was great impact in the heavenly realm that will bear fruit on the earth.

    July 23rd - We had Pastor Brandon Watkins with us again. He taught a 3 hours class on evangelism that was rich in truth of what evangelism should look like and how to live a lifestyle of evangelism. After the class, several in the church joined with several other churches in downtown Cincinnati as they ministered to and prayed for people. The next week, members of the church discovered that there were a couple of families in need in the community. They had the opportunity to bless the families as well as connect with them and pray with them.

    We ended the month by opening our doors to Pastors Micah and Japera Stuckey from Immanuel at Lakewood Church to host their Prophetic Summit 2022. We were blessed to join with them for powerful times of prayer & worship, anointed preaching by Apostles James and Grace Blue and then Apostle Clyde and Prophet Scheherazade Daniels on the 29th and 30th. We also had Apostle Katrina Carter and her prophetic dance team ministering as well. There was a tremendous flow of the Spirit and many prophetic words released over everyone. Sunday the 31st we hosted the Commissioning Service to commission Micah Stuckey and Nakesha Forney to the office of Pastor and Japera Stuckey and Ryan Forney to the office of Prophet. We are all part of the Body of Christ and it was such a blessing to be together with them to worship the Lord and celebrate their commissioning for service to the Lord. We look forward to what God is doing in bringing His Church together so that we can be the Revelation 7:9 Church now!

    All upcoming events are posted on the church calendar which can be viewed on our website at www.convergencewfcf.church or on Faithlife. We have a lot of upcoming events either at our church or in our community. Part of our name changing to Convergence is to represent converging with other ministries in the city to reach our communities in a bigger way. I hope you will take part in all the activities coming up in our city as most involve outreach in some way, and/or growth as a believer. Our mission as Christians and as the Church is to go and preach the gospel to all nations and to make disciples meaning we (the church) are going beyond the four walls of the church on Sunday morning to reach the un-churched. We hope to carry that momentum forward right here at Convergence and get us all activated in evangelism and connect groups (discipleship & fellowship.)

    God has continued to open doors for Pastor Kim and I to meet pastors, apostles, evangelists, teachers, intercessors and worshipers in other churches around the city. Everyone we have met is kingdom of God minded with a heart to reach the city for Jesus. We believe that God is connecting the Body together to have great impact in the region and bring revival.

    Remember, we are not just a "small church" set upon a hill on the westside of Cincinnati, we are part of THE Church working together, in this city, to advance the kingdom of God, to see people saved, discipled, set free, healed, delivered, and established in a life-giving church in this city. Not all that we do will grow our church, but it will grow THE Church. We are all called to fulfill the great commission, I hope you will take the opportunities God puts before us to do just that.


    August 6th - Department Head Meeting at 9:30 am in The Forge. This is a time to get together and share about the status of the ministry and plan for the future to fulfill the vision of the church.

    August 7th we will be having a joint service with LifeChurch Oak Hills with Pastor Garret Bryer, as well as Immanuel at Lakewood Church. We are excited to be together with three churches in the Body as we worship the Lord together. I expect Holy Spirit to pour out as we come together in unity. Immanuel at Lakewood Church is planning to join us for worship for the entire month of August.

    August 10-12 - The Leadership Summit will be held again at White Horse Christian Center in W. Lafayette, Indiana. The theme for the conference is "You will be my witnesses". It seems that the sharing of the gospel is heavy on God's heart this year. These are always powerful times with anointed teaching as well as a powerful presence of the Lord. There will be leaders from all over the world coming together for this gathering.

    August 18th @ 6:30pm - Connect at Pastor Kim and my house. We love this time of being together with all of you and others from the community. It is a time when we can laugh, enjoy good food and connect deeper with each others lives as a family. Our desire is that each of you would begin having your own connect gathering as well. Please let us know when you want to hold yours and we will get it on the church calendar so people know.

    August 26th @ 7pm - Fire on the Altar. This is a powerful time of prayer and intercession for the city, the nation and the nations. Every intercessor should be here to lift up petitions to the Lord! We are believing that other churches will begin to join with us to cry out to God as well.

    August 28th - We have our Family Meal after the service. Contact Jackie to coordinate who is bringing what to the meal. This is always a wonderful time of fellowship along with the great food that we share together as a church family. You don't want to miss out, and we don't want to miss you!

    As you can see, there is a lot going on in August. We hope you can attend these events. We are believing in all the prophetic words that have been spoken through the years that REVIVAL IS COMING TO CINCINNATI! Let us put our faith behind that word and ask the Lord to use us to usher in revival. There is no question that our world is in dire need of a sovereign move of God, but He also uses men and women (young and old) to be His hands, feet, and mouthpieces to minister to the lost and the hurting. Let us determine to be vessels that He can use.

    May Jesus be glorified!

    We love you abundantly,

    Pastors Daniel & Kim