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    February 12th, 2021

    Jessica (PCOS) her health

    Amanda England (asthma-no more flare ups)

    Lori (arthritis-surgery)

    Marv (spot on lung)

    Deb's grandma (health)

    Todd (stability-personal)

    Tammy's son (timmy-health)

    Tammy's husband (health)

    JR (father-health)

    Richard and sandy travel and time in florida

    Rich and Lori's time in florida (and travel)

    Mary ann (husband's dad with alzheimers)

    Paul's exam(s) -knee and brain

    Amber (family-loss)

    Sam (health)

    Tom and Cindy (covid?)

    Charles and Barb (covid shot)

    feel free to text or call

    (814) 414-8234

    to update