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      ReadJuly 28, 2021

      Be our guest...Be our guest....

      We are gearing up for our re-launch in September.

      I know, I know...you are just trying to finish the summer and get ready for school...let alone think about September. I get it.

      We aren't planning a big blitz...or a light show...or monster neighborhood bash. That's not us...and I don't think that is what people are looking for. Sure they will go to a one-time event where they can have fun...but people aren't staying around after those events, anymore...and more importantly...they aren't coming back for it.

      If you talk to ministers or pastors...including the larger churches...even though restrictions are lifted...people aren't showing up like they did before Covid.

      We can longer..."Build it and they will come"

      Covid has left it's mark on the church. We can mourn that fact and remember the good ole days...or we can explore what church will look like on the other side of Covid.

      Church will be different...and it won't. The core will remain the core...but it is our job to find out what that core really is.

      I believe one of the core values of humanity is connection...community...relationship.

      People want to belong to a place where they are connected...deeply...with other people.

      They want to know that they truly matter to other people and that other people truly matter to them.

      That is why I am asking you to host a meet and greet in your home. People you know...people you work with...people you play with...people you call family...people you call neighbors.....are looking to belong. They are just waiting for an invitation.

      So instead of inviting them to a big event...invite them into your living room or backyard and introduce them to Common Thread.

      Who are the 3-5 people or families that you could have over for desserts and drinks? Who is not connected to a church or to a group of people? Who is someone that might be open to our hybrid model of church?

      Pick a date. Put it on the calendar. Then start inviting.

      Wherever you are...you are being given the invitation to host a meet and greet.

      Some people would love to sit down with the pastor or leadership and ask questions...some people would be terrified of that. You know your people. If you would like someone from the leadership team to be there...in person...or online...please let us know, so we can get it on our calendar.

      Let's do what we do best...and love people unconditionally.

      1. Prayers from today, 25th July 2021
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          Faith & Heritage
        2. Would you consider hosting one of these in your home in August? We are going to use this push our relaunch in September.
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          2. Pick a date for you....let's confirm date with us or the bridges...then start inviting
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          I just wanted to give a quick update on our family journey. As of this morning I am officially five weeks pregnant and everything is looking great. We have our first ultrasound on Monday. Thank you all for the prayers leading up to this point and I’d like to ask for some over the next few weeks. Just that the pregnancy continues to progress safely for both me and the baby. Also for peace during all of the Covid craziness. We are so thankful to have made it to this point and I’m cherishing every moment. ❤️
          1. That’s great news! So thrilled for you both. Will be thinking and praying for you all for the months ahead. 🥰
          2. It's beautiful. We'll trust and pray x
          3. 😍 incredible news!!
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          ReadJuly 21, 2021

          Financial Update

          If you know me (Ryan) at all...you know I hate finances...and everything to do with finances. It is my kryptonite.

          When you combine finances and church it makes me even more nervous. I have seen so many churches abuse their finances and take advantage of people. I have tried hard never to come across that way, which I think, makes the pendulum swing to far the other way sometimes.

          That being said, I want to give you just a quick update as it was our goal to be financially self-sustaining by the end of two years. We have not attained that goal, yet.

          The majority of our expenses go towards my salary. We have a very lean operating budget with outside expenses.

          50% of the money we receive monthly is from people that call us home and the other 50% is from people who are graciously supporting our church.

          What we are receiving now, on a monthly basis, is enough to take care of our operating costs and pay me half of my starting salary.

          To offset the difference for my salary, I am beginning to teach the 11th Grade Bible Class at Central Arkansas Christian. (CAC) I will start teaching in August when school starts back up.

          CAC has been very gracious with my compensation package and I believe it will offset the deficit.

          I am going to be as honest with you as possible...this is a very weird place to be in for me! It is a struggle. It is also not surprising. I have no problem with being 'bi-vocational'...as a matter of fact...I think it is a great model for new church plants like ours.

          My coach has been great at encouraging me, giving me perspective on our situation, and giving me innovative ideas to help with our finances.

          Here is where you come into this discussion.

          You are receiving this newsletter because:

          • you either call Common Thread your home,
          • you currently support Common Thread financially,
          • you have supported Common Thread in the past,
          • or you simply want to stay connected to our community and give relational support.

          I am so thankful for all of you.

          People who support Common Thread financially but have another Church Home:

          • We used STRIPE as our beginning app to receive Funds.
          • We are shifting all of our financial transactions to Faithlife.
          • I will be talking with you shortly about changing online applications for your giving.

          People who call Common Thread Home:

          • We need consistency to continue to move forward.
          • Please think about what you could give on a monthly basis, whatever the amount.
          • Setup a recurring tithe in our Faithlife app.
          • Know that giving is not necessary to call Common Thread home.

          Everyone Else:

          • We love you, stay around and bless us with your friendship and support.
          • If you are capable of joining our giving team as a recurring giver or as a one-time giver then we would graciously accept your gift.
          • Your money is not what we are interested in...you are!

          If you have any questions...please feel free to contact me, Ryan at ryan@commonthread.church or 765-621-4411.

          I believe our journey is ongoing and that God has something more in store for Common Thread.

          Here is the link if you are interested in giving to Common Thread.

          1. Ryan thanks for being transparent with us and your commitment to Common Thread.