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    October 17, 2021

    October 17, 2021

    To the Saints in Ruston and beyond,

    May his grace penetrate your hearts and mind, driving out shame, suffering, and sorrow. I pray you all are attentive to the things that are worthy, storing up treasures in heaven, and seeking the Kingdom of Heaven.

    While the fall weather is procrastinating in its arrival, at Covenant Reformed we are busy. This Sunday we finish the Apostles' Creed. While I have greatly enjoyed going through it, I want us to go through some important topics before Christmas (and yes, I just referred to Christmas). Beginning next week, the Sunday School time will go through a Members Class. The course will cover the Why and What of membership, as well as distinctive features of a Reformed church. I believe it will be thought-provoking and encouraging to potential and current members. Warning: Bring your Bibles as we will look at a lot of scripture.

    In worship, we turn to Matt 9:18–34. To prime the pump, I have two questions. In your mind, first, what is a miracle? Is it always something supernatural? And second, what does Jesus' compassion say about our shame? Come ready to learn and be fed by the God and Father of all comfort.


    Lastly, we are in need of more musicians. I am deeply moved by Marcia Dickerson's heart to step up and serve; she should be shown thankfulness. But we are still searching for more people to serve during worship. If you can or know someone who can play any instrument that can accompany congregational singing, please reach out to them and me.

    Lastly, remember that Game Night is this Friday at 6:30 pm. Bring a snack and join for fun and games.

    Blessings to you all,

    Pastor Chris

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            October 3, 2021

            October 3, 2021

            To the saints, the strugglers, and the strong in Christ,

            May his grace be heavy on you today. I hope you are all well this week and embracing the changing seasons around us. This is a big week for Covenant Reformed.

            Tonight (Wednesday) at 6:30, we have book club at the Stevens' house. Rachel and Jonathan Niemirowski will be leading a discussion on hospitality using what they learned in The Gospel Comes with a House Key. It should be a good time for fellowship as we consider an important topic.

            In Sunday School we continue exploring the Apostles' Creed for gems. What benefit do we receive knowing and confessing that Christ Ascended and Sits at the right hand of the Father? I hope to present that we have many benefits and comforts from these facts. In Sunday morning worship, we will look at Matt 8:28––9:8, where Jesus wastes some perfectly good pork chops and ribs. Does Jesus hate BBQs or is there something more to the story? Also, how awesome and confusing would it be to hear Jesus tell a paralytic 'Your sins are forgiven'? Join together for worship.

            And, I'm Excited! This Sunday is a new chapter for Covenant Reformed and the PCA in Louisiana. We are beginning our evening service; Oct. 3, 5:30 pm. We will begin with a question every culture, society, and philosophy wrestles with, What is Comfort and How can I have it? Please join us for learning and receiving comfort.


            Again, while I know that an evening service is foreign to many of us, I ask you to taste to see what it does. As we journey into the rhythm of morning and evening worship, it will fundamentally change your understanding of the Lord's Day of Refreshment. So, come rebel against the demands of the world and spend time laying hold of Christ's treasures. And remember to invite others to come rebel too. Even your friends who go somewhere else for morning worship are warmly invited to join us for evening worship.

            Lastly, as we enter the fall season events will pop up. All of these will be on our calendar HERE


            Pastor Chris

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