• The FSB makes it sound as though Jesus delay is to blame for the death of Lazarus by saying, "They are both unaware that Jesus intentionally waited for Lazarus to die..." There's a real problem with the math here if we stick to that hypothesis, however. If Jesus simply wanted to wait until Lazarus was dead, John 11:6 would read something like, "When he heard that Lazarus was ill, he departed immediately from the place where he was." We can know this because with a two day delay, when Jesus arrives, Lazarus has been in the tomb four days (11:17). So even if Jesus departed immediately, Lazarus would have been dead already two days. No, there's more at play here than Jesus simply waiting for Lazarus to die. There's something significant about Jesus waiting to deal with a four-days-dead corpse here, but interestingly, FSB does not address this (what I think is) significant detail. 

I would first look at local superstitions regarding when the spirit departs the deceased. I think our answer can be found there- that after the third day, the Jews believed that the spirit of the deceased departed, making our Lord's miracle of raising Lazarus on the fourth day even more impressive, showing that Jesus has the authority and the power to do more than we can ask or imagine.