• The building has had all of the outside door locks replaced.  If you need a key for the building, please contact the church office to request a new key.  Please call 325-573-3583. Thanks!
    1. We will resume Adult Bible Classes   for those who wish to attend and feel they can, on Wednesday 7/8/20 & Sunday, 7/12/20 (no children’s classes).  Service times will revert back to our regular schedule, worship-9:30 am Bible classes after worship.  Children’s Bible Classes will resume on Sunday, 8/2/20.  Thank you!
      1. We extend our deepest sympathy to Craig Randolph & Martin & Monica Villarreal in the loss of Mays Villarreal on Saturday, 7/4/20. Services will be held at East Side on Wednesday, 7/8/20.
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          July 1, 2020
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            SERMON: Matt Stidham SERMON TITLE:               Community of Christ Comfort                             TEXT: 2 Cor. 1:1-11 CONGREGATIONAL READING: John 14:26 SONG LEADER:               Terry Bowden CHILDREN’S CHURCH:               Deborah Boyd OPENING PRAYER:               Ric Allen TABLE TALK:               Jerry Dever CLOSING PRAYER:               Allen Paris
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              Marcia Allen-health concerns Betty Andress-(mother of Paula Bowden)-health concerns Shanna Covington-health concerns LaVerne Darwin-(grandmother of Matt Stidham)-health concerns Liz & Tommy DeLoera-health concerns Marc Eilenstein (father of Jennifer Stidham)-health concerns Erin Escobar-health concerns Bertha Gilbert-health concerns Jay Goodwin-health concerns Sam Kitching-health concerns Martha Lara-health concerns Sue Luft-health concerns Charles Mick-personal issues Darrell Mize-health concerns Patricia Paris-health concerns   Edwin Parks-health concerns  Wilma Prater (mother of Paula Whitefield)-health concerns  John Ramirez-health concerns Craig Randolph-loss of loved one Augustine Ramos-personal issues Brantley Stephens-personal issues Jennifer Stewart-health concerns Martin & Monica Villarreal-loss of loved one Janet Wesson-health concerns Barry Whitefield-(brother of James Whitefield)-health concerns James Whitefield-health concerns Ellen Whitmire-(sister-in-law of Mark Whitmire)-health concerns Evelyn Whitmire-(mother of Mark Whitmire)-health concerns
              1. Reminder:  Your contributions can be made online at our church website: www.eastsidefamily.church  under giving,  you may drop it off at the office; you may leave it in our locked mailbox,  or mail it to us at 201 31st Street.  Thanks!
                1. All ladies & Girls are invited to  Ladies Night Bunko On Tuesday, 7/28/20 ; 6:00 p.m. at the MPB.  Please bring your favorite snack food and $5.00 for prizes and join us for a wonderful evening of  food, fun and fellowship!   Note: we will observe precautions for COVID 19  (no children unless they play Bunko please)