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    August 12, 2020
    1. Have you ever struggled with how to pray? Have you ever felt like you are supposed to say nice things and be thankful, but you really don’t know how to do that? You’re not alone. Jesus’ followers asked him to teach them how to pray. It was (and still is) very common in the Jewish world to have memorized prayers for different situations. There was a routine set of prayers that you used every day, and in every situation in which you find yourself. Acts shows us that the early church continued the practice of “the prayers.” (Acts 2:42, 3:1, etc.) Because of this practice, it’s no wonder that Jesus’ followers wanted their Rabbi to teach them a prayer. After all, John had done that for his disciples. (Luke 11:1) And in Luke’s account, due to their request, Jesus gives them a prayer to recite. “When you pray, say:             “‘Father,             hallowed be your name,  your kingdom come. Give us each day our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.  And lead us not into temptation.’”  Lk 11:2-4 NIV Notice that it’s Jesus’ expectation that his disciples will pray these exact words. For some reason in my past that rote prayers became akin to vain repetitions, but Jesus doesn’t see it that way at all! He expects his disciples to repeat these words over and over again. “When you pray, say…” The Greek word for “when” is hotan, which means ”whenever.” Jesus wanted his disciples to pray this prayer over and over and over again until it became second nature to them. Why? Because in this prayer we find the heart of Jesus revealed. What he prayed for is of first importance to him and his mission, as it should be for us today when we recite this prayer. In his book You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit, James K. A. Smith talks about the habitual practices we all encounter every day. Even your morning routine, or work routine, or shopping routine, or school routine program and shape you into a product of the world, not a product of the Kingdom. We need reprogramming, and Spiritual habits like prayer do just that! “If our loves can be disordered by secular [routines], it’s also true that our loves need to be reordered (recalibrated) by [counterroutines]--embodied, communal practices that are ‘loaded’ with the gospel and indexed to God and his kingdom.” (Smith, pg. 57-58) This is exactly what prayer, and specifically the Lord’s Prayer, is designed to do in our life. Prayer isn’t so much moving God into our will, but being shaped into the mission and will of the Father. I hope you’ll join us Sunday morning as we talk about Prayer: Grasping the Heart of God.       Matt
      1. Elder for August 2020 Jerry Dever. Please see this Elder with questions or needs, but know that all Elders are available to help you.
        1. Reminder:  Your contributions can be made online at our church website: www.eastsidefamily.church  under giving, you may drop it off at the office; you may leave it in our locked mailbox, or mail it to us at 201 31st Street.  Thanks!
          1. Immerse Beginnings starts Sunday, 9/6/20.  More details to follow soon! Books are available in the church office & are $11.00 each.
            1. Our needs for the Food Pantry have changed due to the COVID 19 situation.  Many of the people seeking help are living in situations where they cannot cook.  We need to provide foods that are ready to eat foods. The following are suggestions: Beef Jerky, snack crackers, canned meat, protein bars, fruit cups, peanut butter & saltine crackers.  You may bring your donations by the office or you can leave them in the East lobby for pickup.  You may also help by providing monetary donations for us to purchase the food for you if you wish.  Those can be brought by the office or mailed to us. Thank you for your help!
              1. God calls us to be "open handed" to those around us in need (Dt. 15:7-8). As needs arise, you can help! To be a part of the Open Hands Ministry, simply text "@openhandsm" to the phone number 81010. As needs arise we will share this information and work together to be "open handed" to those around us.  Thanks!
                1. Celebrate Recovery Worship begins at 5:00 pm Sunday Evenings here at  East Side.
                  1. 10 Aug Karen Terry; 5300 Etgen; Snyder 79549 11 Aug Hannah Hull; 5860 W. Hwy 180; Snyder 79549 13 Aug Chiva Pitner; 3003 33rd St.; Snyder 79549 13 Aug Sophia Cerda; 10001 Cherokee Rd.; Hermleigh 79526 14 Aug Kolton Chapman; 3781 Sunset; Snyder 79549 15 Aug Michael Cortez; 4120 Kerville Ave.; Snyder 79549 15 Aug Wanda York; 1212 8th St.; Snyder 79549 15 Aug Ric Allen; 3104 Ave. B; Snyder 79549 16 Aug Brylee Tanner; 311 31st St.; Snyder 79549 18 Aug Reagan Stewart; 2400 32nd St.; Snyder 79549 18 Aug Lane Whitefield; 1601 Hilltop Lane; Snyder 79549 20 Aug Jay Goodwin; 1605 Preston Trl.; Snyder 79549 22 Aug Ryleigh Stewart; 2400 32nd St.; Snyder 79549 28 Aug Logan Whitefield; 2805 36th St.; Snyder 79549 31 Aug Martha Lara; 1021 37th St. #1848; Snyder 79549 August Anniversaries 14 Aug Mark & Trena Whitmire; 2626 CR 317 Snyder 79549 14 Aug Luke & Kathryn Nance; 314 31st St; Snyder 79549 15 Aug Allen & Roxanne Paris; 4009 Irving Snyder 79549 16 Aug James & Janet Wesson; 2201 45th St.;  Snyder 79549 17 Aug Ric & Marcia Allen; 3104 Ave B.;  Snyder 79549
                    1. All Ladies & Girls are invited to Ladies Night Bunko on Tuesday, 8/25/20; East Side MPB at 6:00 pm.  Please bring your favorite snack food, $5.00 for prizes and join us for a great evening of food, fun & fellowship. (No Children unless they play Bunko please)