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About this group
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  • The reason I wrote 'This Risen Existence' was because I read a lot of Lent books that reflected on the lead up to Good Friday but had all stopped before Easter Sunday.  As a result we ended up talking more about penitence, temptation and Jesus' death (hugely important though it is) than about his resurrection. So I thought I might ask - how important is the resurrection in your life and faith?
  • March has arrived, and with it has come a free book from Dr. Paula Gooder! Follow the link below to get your free book, and then pop back here to read it in community. We're looking forward to some great discussion this month,  led by Dr. Gooder herself.
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    Hi everyone, My name is Paula Gooder and I thought I'd pop into the group today to tell you a little about me, and a little about my book.  I trained in New Testament studies in Oxford (my tutor was Tom Wright ...you may have heard of him?) and since then I have been teaching in seminaries and churches trying to communicate my joy in, and passion about, the Bible. I currently work for the Bible Society in England and Wales as their Theologian in Residence and Head of Bible Engagement. I wrote this book because I love Easter and the resurrection so much and wanted to explore it more.   I hope you'll enjoy reading it, but more importantly, I hope you will enjoy thinking more deeply about the resurrection and all it means for us.
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  • P. 113 - I had never seen the comparison to the giving of the law and the Pentecost, with fire and sound of trumpet.  Thank you for that.  It is interesting also the contrast to stay away and the fire going to the people.
  • I know this comment comes from last week's reading, but I wanted to share how Paula's thoughts on Thomas challenged my thinking. I have been guilty of stereotyping the poor fellow!   I appreciated the reflection on the each of the accounts of Thomas in the book of John, instead of simply misreading the last episode where he can appear to be skeptical. In the end, I think his passionate belief stands out to me more clearly now.
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  • p. 96 It is a good point about the ascension. I volunteer with Lifechurch as part of the church online team. We have a user come in often who is an atheist and uses this as an arguing point. Since satellites have never shown us where heaven is, it must not exist.  This may give me some material to talk to him about however I doubt that he will change much.   p. 98 "Heaven could exist in a way that transcends our three-dimensional view of the world—though we might still need to develop language that communicates this and doesn’t just fall back on old three-dimensional ways of describing things." Thank you for this thought.   P. 105-106  I have never thought of Jesus not being able to be my representative as I have always thought of him as being tempted like us. However, this gives me insight in talking to people who are struggling with the fact that God cannot forgive them.  They cannot see Him as being equal to them and do not see Him as representing them.
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  • P. 83 - I am thankful that we do not have to keep the law either.  I cannot imagine what it would be like going to church and having animal sacrifices.   Also, so true, we act like the dwarves and do not see the gifts God has bestowed upon us.  Love this quote:  It is the ultimate Monday morning theology: true, it is theology, but unless it transforms what we do and how we think on Monday mornings (as well as every other day of the week) it is of no value whatsoever. P.87: If we are in relationship with God and not religion, wouldn't we want to be doing the good works as that pleases HIm.  Like our relationship with our spouse, we would to please by doing what they would like.  I understand that you are saying that we move into this nature by using the sock draw example, relationship is not like that I feel.
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  • I liked this, never thought of it this way before. Paula Gooder writes: "Not only did he bring the dead to life but he collapsed the boundaries of time, so that an event that should only have happened at the end of time occurred right in the middle of it." The idea of moving a properly "end of time" event into the first century adds another dimension to the resurrection, don't you think?
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    As we draw near to Good Friday and Easter, it's a good time to be thinking about what was accomplished by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through his crucifixion, death and resurrection. Isaiah 53:1-12 makes it clear that Christ died in our place, in order to make atonement for our sins. His suffering and death were a penal, substitutionary atonement for us, so that by his work, the wrath and righteousness of God was satisfied. However, these biblical truths are denied by some today, as can be seen in this article: http://bit.ly/2nyPST1 However, as Owen Strachan points out, "The atoning work of Christ is not an optional add-on to our doctrine of God. The cross displays the very heart of the divine. It shows us the burning center of God’s character, what David Wells calls his 'holy-love.' Our Lord is revealed in the cross, uniquely, as a warrior-savior, the God who solves the terrible problem of his justice by the depths of his love." Amen to that!
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  • I know this is not main point of today's reading but I am glad to know I am not the only one. Quote As a rule I have an excellent memory for faces but a terrible memory for names. I can see someone, especially if they are out of context, know that I know them but can spend the whole conversation with them trying to work out in my head why I know them and where I last met them. The signals my eyes send to my brain are good but partial.
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  • This is from the introduction but I was struck by the power behind the wording. There is a call to power in this wording. We can sit on our heals and be passive about the power of the resurrection but the use of words like rebellion and transform shed further light into an area that we can forget to focus on. ------------ Belief in the resurrection is an act of rebellion against the evil, corruption and oppression that can so easily swamp us. Believing in the resurrection can be a refusal to accept that the world is as it is, that it can never change and that we must accept it simply as it is. Believing in the resurrection allows us to see the world with a long view, a perspective that looks backwards to the resurrection and forwards to the end times, recognizing traces of resurrection and end times in what is...
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  • Celebrate life!!
  • In the light of Matthew 28.16-17, do you think it is possible to worship and doubt at the same time?