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    Welcome to Faithlife Giving!

    Thank you for using Faithlife Giving!

    To get started, simply follow these three steps:

    1. Visit giving.faithlife.com and select your church or ministry
    2. Fill in the details about your organization’s contact and financial information.
    3. Share the donation form with your congregants.

    After you’ve finished setting up Faithlife Giving, you are ready to accept gifts on your church’s Faithlife page.


    If any issues come up, post them to this group. Not only will our team help you personally, but we’ll use your feedback to keep fine-tuning Faithlife Giving.


    Our goal is to make this tool a blessing to your congregation and many others, and your suggestions will help us greatly.

    Thank you again for partnering with us,

    The Faithlife Giving Team

  • I need to print a half year giving statement for a family with a husband & wife who have both given different times. How do I print a statement with the giving from both of them?
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      Hi , if you'd like to combine statements for two people, you'd have to merge both of their people records as one person. This could be tricky if they each have their own faithlife account. We have a plan for this type of issue that will be available down the road, but for now I recommend generating two separate giving statements for each person.
  • I Have a giver who would like a half year statement but when I follow the instruction for giving statements, I do not see a more options menu with the view statements. Please help.
    1. Hi , you are able to pull up a statement by giver from within your Finance Team by locating their name under Givers, then click on their name to view the giver details. Their YTD statement can be found on that page to be downloaded or printed. Givers can also login and pull this information independently by visiting Faithlife.com/giving.
    2. But how do I do both the husband & wife together?
    3. Hi , great news! Our developers have added a button called "Actions" which should give you more options when generating a giving statement. As for combining a husband and wife's gift, I recommend generating two separate statements using the Actions button. This will generate two statements but they will be in one pdf.
  • I had an offering returned with invalid account number. We were charged $3.33 for the original transaction, $3.33 on the returned transaction and a $2.50 returned fee. I was surprised by the $3.33 on the returned transaction, is this correct?
    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out. We are looking into this now and will get back with you.
    2. , we found the issue. I will send you a DM with the details.
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      If I understand this correctly, someone anywhere in the world could via the internet attack our giving platform with false gifts (bad account numbers) and we would be responsible for the processing fees?
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    My church administrator informed that he is having a problem inputting manual gifts into Faithlife Giving. When he hits the Save button, nothing happens. This is not the first time this has happened and my administrator is getting very frustrated with Faithlife and is pushing hard to switch to another platform that is more stable and reliable.
    1. Hi Pastor , thank you for reaching out A fix for this has shipped. We apologize for the frustration your admin has been experiencing. cc
  • How does a giver give to a campaign?
    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out. That is an interesting use case that has not been previously requested. I will submit it to our team. As of today, campaigns are linked to a specific fund. Any gift made to that fund is attributed towards that campaign for tracking. If multiple campaigns are linked to the same fund, both will account for the same gift evenly. If you are wanting to have givers contribute to multiple campaigns, I recommend setting up a separate fund designation for both so they are tracked separately. The fund name can mirror the campaign name so givers can select which campaign they are designating their gift towards. The purpose of the campaign is to track progress towards an overall goal, a feature funds do not have independently.
    2. Since the use of campaigns did not work out the way I thought they would, I am now creating a fund instead but I need to back date its start as I have some giving I have to type in from July.
    3. Hello, -- You should just be able to enter the July items now: The ability to do so is based on the current existence of the fund. The fund does not need to have been in existence at the time of a contribution which might have been in the past.
  • How can I back date a Campaign? I tried to set one up that started on July 1st but the program would only let me pick today's date. I do not always get on the computer the actual date a campaign begins so I need to go back in time to set the beginning date, not the date I happen to get on the computer. Still waiting on an answer?
    1. Hello, -- The ability to backdate giving campaigns has been shipped! As always, do not hesitate to get back to us should you have any further concerns or questions!
    2. So how does a giver contribute to a campaign?
    3. Thanks also for getting the ability to back date campaigns.
  • How can I back date a Campaign? I tried to set one up that started on July 1st but the program would only let me pick today's date.
    1. Still waiting on an answer to my question.
  • How can I email out half year giving statements with a note from the Pastor? Really important during Covid.
    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out. You can add a custom message to giving statements from the Finance team, Giving Configuration, Giving Settings page. Here is a support article on how to customize your statements: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037758672-Customize-Your-Giving-Statements YTD giving statements can then be generated to be printed/mailed. Here is a support article that includes the steps to generate giving statements: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022607251-Distribute-Year-End-Giving-Statements
  • Do we have to be in the USA to use Faithlife Giving? We are based in the UK and would love to utilise such a service.
    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out! Currently, Faithlife Giving is only supported for churches and ministries within the United States.
    2. Hey , Faithlife Giving is currently available only in the US.
  • Rehoboth Saints Center PHX
    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out. How can we assist you and Rehoboth Saints Center Phx?