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    Welcome to Faithlife Giving!

    Thank you for using Faithlife Giving!

    To get started, simply follow these three steps:

    1. Visit giving.faithlife.com and select your church or ministry
    2. Fill in the details about your organization’s contact and financial information.
    3. Share the donation form with your congregants.

    After you’ve finished setting up Faithlife Giving, you are ready to accept gifts on your church’s Faithlife page.


    If any issues come up, post them to this group. Not only will our team help you personally, but we’ll use your feedback to keep fine-tuning Faithlife Giving.


    Our goal is to make this tool a blessing to your congregation and many others, and your suggestions will help us greatly.

    Thank you again for partnering with us,

    The Faithlife Giving Team

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    I believe this has been mentioned before, but it would be wonderful to be able to "hide" inactive givers on the Givers page. Thanks.
    1. Hello , I can see how that would be helpful as it just currently lists the givers alphabetically. Thanks for sharing some feedback, we'll get it passed along to the team!
  • I am not receiving any notifications (as Admin) when donors submit a gift. To test it, I sent a gift to our church. I received an email thank you acknowledgement for sending the gift, but I did not receive an email to Admin stating that the gift had been given. It appears that all my notification are set as "on".
    1. thanks for the report, I'll send this to the team and someone will follow up with you. CC:
    2. Thanks for the feedback This is actually on our roadmap and we plan to implement this in the future. The plan is to notify the finance team when a new giver submits a gift, monthly/yearly summaries and etc. (more info to come and more features to be added) Stay tuned!
    3. Might I suggest that reports and notifications be OUTSIDE of the FL notifications, so we can have reports directed to people irrespective of their FL notification settings. I’d like to be able to access a setting where I can just plug in some emails and they get the reports, even if they don’t use FL. I like the Giving product, but we aren’t using it now because our treasurer doesn’t think a FL account should be necessary to see who has given. If we can just some reports outside of the FL ecosystem, that would be wonderful! Thanks.
  • On the "Gifts" screen, it would be helpful to have a field for "recurring" or "one-time" gifts, in order to see them at a glance. As far as I can tell, we have to click on each giver, one by one, to see if their gift is recurring or one-time. Thanks.
    1. Hey Thanks for the feedback and this makes for a good user case. We plan on adding this to our roadmap. However, I can entirely give an estimate on when.
    2. Appreciate that and for you all working on making it as easy as possible for us pastors and workers in the field. Thank you.
  • Is it possible to delete a duplicate giver?
    1. Hi , deleting duplicate givers is not currently an option within the Stewardship Portal. We are waiting on the ability to merge records (coming soon!). In the meantime, if an urgent need comes up we can delete giver records on your behalf.
  • It would be helpful to be able to add a note or comment on the giver "receipt". Also, on the "statement" is it possible for you to add a column to indicate which 'fund'? Thanks!
    1. Hi , are you wanting to add a custom message to the giver receipt? If so and it is the same message on each receipt we can accommodate that request today! Please let me know what message you'd like included and we will get that added to your receipts. To clarify, you'd like the fund name added to the giving statements?
    2. Okay, cool. I will PM you with the message. And yes, the fund does not seem to appear on the giving statement...but I could be wrong :) .
  • When is this going to be available for the UK? Very keen to get started?
    1. HI , supporting Faithlife Giving internationally is on our roadmap. We are also excited to get started :)
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    When I selected "Gifts" from the Admin sidebar, some names of givers do not show up in this report. I have to go to "Givers" and select each individually to view their gift. ???
    1. Hi Pastor Roger — thanks for the report, we’ll get this fixed for you!
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    . I was receiving an email whenever someone posted a gift, but I have not received any notification for the past several gifts. I have not changed notification settings.
    1. , thank you for the report. We are looking into this.
    2. Hi , I have sent you a direct message regarding this inquiry.
  • If I understand the law correctly, it is now necessary to send an individual receipt for every offering of $200 or more. I understand that electronic giving automatically sends a receipt. I would like to see a feature where a manual giving transaction also sends a receipt, either automatically or by button. The receipt coming directly from Faithlife will build more site interaction, and therefore use, for non-electronic givers. Thank you!
    1. Hi again Pastor , Great idea! Thank you for the request.
  • Our treasurer was adding a series of manual gifts using "save and add another gift." The first error is that it starts changing the options available in the "Gift Type" drop-down as shown in the second picture uploaded. The second error is from the first picture uploaded. She ended up with two rows showing "General" offering (not exactly like the picture - the first error makes it possible to choose "General" twice). She entered $140 in the first row of "General" and left the second row of "General" blank. When it recorded the transaction, it entered it as $280 to "General".
    1. Hi Pastor , thank you for the report. Our team is looking into this.
    2. Hi Pastor . A fix for this bug will be shipping in the coming days. Thank you again for the report.