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    Welcome to Faithlife Giving!

    Thank you for using Faithlife Giving!

    To get started, simply follow these three steps:

    1. Visit giving.faithlife.com and select your church or ministry
    2. Fill in the details about your organization’s contact and financial information.
    3. Share the donation form with your congregants.

    After you’ve finished setting up Faithlife Giving, you are ready to accept gifts on your church’s Faithlife page.


    If any issues come up, post them to this group. Not only will our team help you personally, but we’ll use your feedback to keep fine-tuning Faithlife Giving.


    Our goal is to make this tool a blessing to your congregation and many others, and your suggestions will help us greatly.

    Thank you again for partnering with us,

    The Faithlife Giving Team

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  • We've got Giving set up . . and it looks pretty good for presenting to the church. Our concern is how we handle the reporting of deposits to our treasurer without disclosing individual giving amounts/donors. It would be great for the "Overview" totals to be seen by everyone on the team . . . BUT, the INDIVIDUAL gift detail should be restricted to just 1 (or 2) Finance Team members for problem resolution.
    1. Thanks for posting this feebdack . We loved having you in the webinar today.
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    We just migrated to FL Giving. In our old system, we had a way to take credit cards at our events (Card present transactions). How do we do that here?
    1. Thank you for reaching out . We have identified the need to support card present transactions and it is on our road map although we have not begun the work yet. I would love to connect with you and learn more about your specific needs as we begin to spec out the product as well as see if we have a workable solution that will meet your needs in the meantime. I have sent you a direct message to connect.
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    Read2 New Features That Make Online Giving Easier Than Ever
    Record offline gifts

    Create one place for all your financial records. With Faithlife, you can now record offline gifts (i.e. checks and cash from plate offerings) and associate them with people in your database.

    1. This seems really helpful for our church. Is there a way for me to share this post to someone else on Faithlife, or do they need to join this group to see it?
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      Hi , If you click the drop down on the top right of this post, you can select "share" and it will provide you with a url to share this post with others. Hope this helps!
  • Giving Team, I'm having some trouble adding gifts manually through our Finance Team group. I'm an Administrator, so I do not think it is a permissions issue. The steps I take are: Open the Finance Team group; Navigate to the Gifts link on the ADMIN sidebar; Click on the Add button to add a gift manually. At this point the Gifts section (middle column) disappears and nothing else happens. I've tried these steps with Firefox 63.0.1 and Safari 12.0.1 on mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 and the results are the same. Am I missing any steps or configurations to enable us to add gifts manually?
    1. Hi , thanks for the report. We’ll look into it and follow up with you!
    2. Kyle, I noticed last night the Add button brings up an entry form rather than blanking out the middle column as I originally reported. Is this considered fixed now, or are you all still working on a solution?
    3. , the issue you reported has been fixed. Thanks again for the report.
  • We did some test transactions before announcing it to our congregation. One was ACH, and two were credit card. The oldest is 3 days old. Only the ACH is reflected under "Deposits", and all 3 transactions still say "Pending". How long does it take for transaction statuses to update?
    1. Thank you for reaching out , I will review and direct message you with a response.
  • I am trying to figure out how to add faithlife giving to our personal church website
    1. Yes we are already set up and we did a test donation so everything is working
    2. I'll have someone from our Success team follow up tomorrow to assist getting you setup. Let me know of you have any other questions.
    3. Hello , I will message you on Faithlife Groups about this and we can also set up a time to talk about Faithlife Equip!
  • We continue to have a couple of issues with faithlife giving feature on our site. bransonbible.com First, while it seems to be working properly on other web browsers and on mobile for safari, we continue to get a message about cookies in safari on computers. I can't find that it's a settings issue on our end. Secondly, now that you've allowed the option for the giver to pay the fees should they choose to, I selected that setting to try it out, and the fees seem extraordinarily high, even for what seems to been taken out for other gifts to date. [for both issues, see attached screenshots]
    1. When I went back to it, it appeared quickly the second time.
    2. Thanks . We will look at why the giving form isn’t authenticating properly in Safari. Would you mind trying to disable tracking protection and see if that resolves the issue for you?
    3. Ok I'm trying it to see how it goes...
  • I recently heard about faith life giving, but I cannot seen to find out exactly what the fees are. I read where we get a discount on our Proclaim subscription but very unclear on fees associated with Faithlife Giving.
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    ReadTwo new features for increasing generosity in your church
    Updates to Faithlife Giving
    Donors now able to cover transaction fees

    Transaction and processing fees can add up. With the donor-covered fee feature, givers can choose to cover those fees—and those small above-and-beyond gifts quickly add up. The platform will automatically calculate the fees and add them to the subtotal donated.

    1. Ian (see picture) said there was a way to embed the giving script into our website. Where do I find the script to embed it into a webpage?
      1. Hi , I'll look into this for you get back to you with the embed code!
      2. I sent you the embed code in a private message.