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    OMS Japanese Christian Church hosting the 2019 General Assembly of the OMS Holiness Church of North America, I saw fit to preview a Proposal for a new ID tag design with a scaled-down "sign" cross-tower, over a tile from Conference HQ that I envision done as a repeated hologram against potential forgery. The form text is as follows: ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY - HOLINESS CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA 東 洋 宣 教 協 会 北 米 新 生 教 派 (Cross-tower w/vertical "和 系 油 童 教 會" and horizontal "JAPANESE CHRISTIAN CHURCH") 1955 GEARY ROAD - WALNUT CREEK 3, CA 94597-2550 USA (telephone) ENGLISH (925) 944-5252 / 日本語 (925) 944-3408 (en-US) https://www.jccwc.com/ - (ja-JP) http://jccwc.net/ I also re-typed my personal overlay for OMS Japanese Christian to reflect revised assignments.
    1. I also tweaked the pronunciation in part of the Hurigana for "和 系 油 童 教 會," as the Koine for "anointees" (plural of χριστος "anointee") is spelled Χριστία - the closest On is キリス チタ kirisu tia (kirisu chia by the Hepburn method). The resulting Hurigana composite is ワ ケイ キリス チタ キョー カイ wa kei kirisu tia kyou kai.
  • 1. Can you tell me the top 20 or so Faithlife pages. I'm looking for more pages to join/subscribe so I can have more content in my feed, but can't find any more. Thought you all would know which are most active that you could recommend. 2. How do I tag someone when there are multiple people with the same first name? For example, I wanted to tag @Justin (Faithlife), but he isnt one of the 4 suggestions that pops up, and as soon as I type the space after his name, all suggestions go away. Thanks!
  • Can we change the currency in the "for sale" posts. Specifically we need UK pound sterling
    1. Can you guess what the 7 reasons are? With our free guide, experience the freedom of focusing on your ministry with an online giving solution that’s simple for donors and a breeze to manage.
      1. Hello Faithlife family! You can now nominate your church admin for Faithlife's second annual Church Admin Giveaway! We will select one person to win a trip for two to Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. If you are an admin, you can nominate yourself. 😃 http://bit.ly/2Ky0M4K P.S. Here is an easy way to spread the word! Simply share this FB post with your friends: http://bit.ly/2YQOihF
          1. Awesome! Now all you need is a section for my library where all the owned videos can sit :)
        1. When creating a recurring calendar event on our church group, why does the date not roll over as the events occur? In the activity feed, the date is always the original start date, not the actual date of the event. Any ideas? Other than manually entering each event?
          1. Hey Sorry for the delay in a reply as we are currently investigating. Unfortunately, I can't view your calendar events unless I am in the group. Can you send matthew.mattox@faithlife.com an invite to your church group (New Beginngs Group) and make me an admin.
          2. Invite sent...I'm also having issues with the app. Some members can see the groups, but others can't. One member who I invited as a follower has admin capabilities which were not granted...
        2. Could I get some recommendations on groups or pages to follow? Some ministries or organizations or groups that actively post new content? Thank you for any suggestions.
          1. l know what you mean, Myke. I think part of the reason is that the core mission of FL seems to be small church-based groups. Even so, I would think that much of what most church attenders do on other platforms (which shall remain nameless) could be done just as well on FL without all the negative aspects, but with scripture and other faith-building things close at hand. If you get any brainstorms about how to improve the traffic, let me know.
          2. Hey, thanks Andrew!
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          This morning Faithlife kicked off the 2019 Hackathon challenge. The interns form teams and have 48 hours to code a new project. At the end of the 48 hours, 5 judges will vote and awards will be given out for three categories: Shipping, Awesomeness, and People's Choice. Let's cheer them on!
          1. We definitely will Andrew.
          2. Who won?
          3. The winners are: 1) People's Choice: Child Check-in 2) Shipping: @group 3) Awesomeness: NuHue Congrats to all of the teams!
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          1. So delighted to see how God is working through Faithlife!!
          2. The Messianic outreach is of particular excitement for me, as I'm planning on a center-projector contingency for 8:3 ideal / 21:9 practical aspect ratio for original-language text; still have to investigate whether Quelea can do the job. Proclaim is ideal for follow-along in the congregation's language(s).